Best 2019 NEW Surfboards

Best 2019 NEW Surfboards

In 2019 SBS Boards are bringing you the very best in our NEW surfboard range with some brand new construction using our full flex and rapid flex technology aswell as some brand new shapes and designs just for 2019 we have revamped and improved our classic favourites aswell adding more sizes and bigger ranges to our range we know you have come to love. our goal for out 2019 surfboard range is to bring more variety in sizes shapes and styles  as well as more options for advanced and professional riders right to the other end of the spectrum with more choice for beginners.

Our 2019 board have been improved so much that they are now tougher and stronger than ever before using a variety of new construction techniques as well as new materials helping to make our surfboards exceptional quality helping your board last longer and stay lighter with better performance. Take a look at our 2019 surfboard range below and let us know if you have any questions about any of our  surfboards  in the question box below 

New Surfboards 

The Fish Finger

The Fish Finger Is The latest slice of fun in our SBS range and its one of the smoothest fun surfboards we have ever made. The inspiration for this board derived from some incredible retro fish designs we had 10 years back and we wanted to make something just as fun with a more performance element to it perfect for sandbars and beach breaks.

The Fish Finger has a pretty traditional fish outline with its wide point right up front to make catching waves and paddling super easy its then pulled back into a smaller fish tail than most traditional fishes to help with turn quicker and create smoother carves. It’s got a pretty flat rocker compared to most board we make with only a small amount of nose lift which helps this board to rocket down the line in smaller waves.

The main feature of the fish finger is its iconic channel down the centre of the board leaving you with 2 chunkier raised rails helping to channel water towards the tail to generate speed and drive down the line.We would recommend for more skilled surfers they you get a few inches shorter than your traditional shortboard, this should help keep the incredible speed and drive created form the board and still give you that high performance feel when you release in turns.

The fish finger is ideally placed in between your small wave groveler and your performance shortboard for knee Hight to overhead sized surf.

The Fish Finger Features

  • Superfun fish shape  for lose and 
  • High Volume Surfboard
  • Flat rocker/ very stable 
  • Construction is an EPS Foam/Rapid Flex HD Stringer / biaxial Fibreglass and Epoxy Resin
  • Fin system is a Future Fins Twin Fin
  • Highly manoeuvrable,
  • Wide centre point for stability and paddling 
  • Great for intermediate to advanced surfers
  • Ideal Surfed in anthing from2-6 foot waves



The Detonator is our ultimate performance shortboard, designed for fast-paced and progressive surfing. Without a doubt our ultimate all-around high-performance shortboard. Its 5 fin set up offers maximum drive and work on the bottom turns but still holds strong with supreme grip in big carves and hacks off the lip. The Detonator allows you to pick and choose from thruster to quads depending on the conditions making this board extremely versatile in big and small waves.

We have increased the volume in key areas and slightly lowered the nose entry rocker to make this board easier to paddle and catch waves, without losing that instant responsiveness for quick rail to rail transitions.

We recommend the Detonator for Intermediate to Advanced surfers, and best surfed in waist high to well overhead surf. Overall the Detonator is going to be a great board for fast passed surfing, really tight carves and high-performance manoeuvres in good surf. 

Detonator Features

  • Hight performance outline
  • Lower Volume Surfboard
  • High performance
  • Full rocker/ ideal for barrels and bigger waves 
  • Construction is an EPS Foam/Rapid Flex/wood stringer/ HD Stringer / Fibreglass and Epoxy Resin
  • Fin system is a FCS II Five Fin
  • Incredibly manoeuvrable
  • Light and very responsive
  • Great for intermediate to advanced surfers
  • Ideal in chest to over head high waves

All Round Surfboards

The Heat Seeker 

The Heat Seeker is our team rider Dan Jeffery favourites boards fasted paced and performance surfing with the added extra of foam makes it ideally paced as a small to median ranage surfboard  is our super fun surfboard for, small to medium sized waves, its fast, light and loose, making pretty much anything surf-able. Ideal for year-round surf in the UK, especially in the 1-5-foot, range. We shrunk down our motivator design and gave it a bit more width and volume, combined with its flatter nose entry rocker and slightly less lift in the tail. The wide point has been brought forward making it like an absolute rocket in smaller waves. The added volume upfront means it can create incredible speed from the get-go and makes the board fly’s over flatter section with absolute ease. Its got a Single concave through the entire board, with tonnes of foam in the center under your chest to help paddle speed and catching waves, as well as giving you the buoyancy and planning speed to get through any flat section.

The outline gives it a really fast, loose and skatey feel,  but when you get it on rail you will feel the board stick to your feet like glue and turn in a moment notice.  Softer rails in the centre move into a harder more foiled rail by the fins, gives you tonnes of traction and control in the turns with enough forgiveness for less than ideal waves.  These features make the Heat Seeker unstoppable in average surf giving you incredible speed and stability but with tighter turns and incredible control in the pocket, This board is really going to progress and push the limits of your surfing. The Heat Seeker is great for any intermediate to advanced surfer looking to have the most amount of fun possible in knee to head high waves. Its perfect for British waves and will be a stable in your quiver all year round. 

Heat Seeker Features 

  • wide and stable/ performance outline
  • Medium rocker and volume
  • Ideal every day shortboard 
  • High performance
  • Full rocker/ ideal for barrels and bigger waves 
  • Construction is an EPS Foam/Rapid Flex/wood stringer/ HD Stringer / Fibreglass and Epoxy Resin
  • Fin system is a FCS II 3 Fin (thruster)
  • Incredibly manoeuvrable
  • Light and very responsive
  • Great for intermediate to advanced surfers
  • Ideal in knee high to just over head high waves

The Motivator