Can you sup at the wave Bristol?

  • After the explosion in popularity of the wave Bristol surfer alike flocked to Bristol to get some guaranteed waves in perfect conditions but as a paddleboarder as well I asked the question can you use a sup at the wave Bristol. I wasn’t alone after checking out internet forums and getting a whole load of questions ourselves about the wave we headed over though the wave Bristol website and it stated that they currently only allow surfboards body boards and bodysurfing with hand planes at the moment.

  • So that’s a no then but there is a glimmer of hope for the future as they do state that there may be specialist events of slots in the future that Stand up paddler and kayakers alike can use the wave, but nothing in the regular season or the foreseeable future just yet. We still keeping our fingers crossed that they would let in stand up paddleboarders in to surf the wave so will keep you updated if that changes.

  • In the mean time if you wanted to get your wave pool up of a sup or a kayak the only place that currently lets you nab a few wave is the wave harden in surf Snowdonia because of the much bigger pool and different wave making technology I guess it’s a lot save to have a 10kg sup surfing down the break with less chance of you hitting someone.

  • One thing is for sure if the do let paddleboards in the surf Snowdonia I can only imagine the carnage of trying to take off in the smaller take of area I would guess they would limit it to about 5-6 paddle at any one time to limit the amount of collisions and keep the take of area free

For more information about the wave check out the full-length Vlog

Our top 3 surfboards for the wave Bristol


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