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small wave shreder

The Smoking Gun is a fast and fun board designed for high-performance surfing with speed, drive and power in mind. It’s flatter rocker makes the most of the speed you have, providing you with a huge amount of down the line drive and speed, making mincemeat out of mushier flatter sections.

the design

Overall the smoking gun is going to be perfect for intermediate to advanced surfers who like fast passed surfing on small to medium sized waves.

the SHape

The Smoking Gun has a low entry rocker that feeds into a single concave that helps the board get up to planning speed quicker. This concave feed through into a double in the back to help get the most out of your turns and keep your board gripping in bigger surf. 

We pumped it full of volume to make paddling smooth and easy, with its wide point a little further up the board for more stability under your front foot helping plaining speed and landing Ariel manoeuvres.

When it comes to creating spray and landing aerials the smoking gun is faultless and you will love the instant forgiving feeling you get when laying in to a hard turn or big air. The smoking gun Works well as a thruster or quad in varying conditions and can be surfed in knee high to well overhead surf.



  • performance 70% 70%
  • paddle power 80% 80%
  • stability 70% 70%
  • control 70% 70%
  • turn 70% 70%
  • speed/drive 80% 80%
  • speed/glide 80% 80%

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the FINs

All our surfboards come with a FCSII clip in fins

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6 reviews for Smoking Gun

  1. lakey

    My First Love
    Got it as my first shortboard in 6’0 as downsizing from a 6’10 minimal and found it tough at the start but loving it now. It’s really quick and fast to turn paddles quite easy compared to my sister’s shortboard and really stable great for beach breaks and beginners I would say.

  2. simon

    Brought for a little summer trip to Morocco surfed mostly at anchor point as was there for 3 weeks but the board impressed me big time. Gets up to plane easy, really fast from the get-go and so so quick at generating speed. Really ideal shapes for my style of surfing and construction seems good, no dings as of yet. Super happy

  3. freddy

    My First Shortboard
    I surfed a minimal before this and was a little hesitant to go smaller but it is such a fast board to catch waves and the wider tail helped me a lot, very happy customer all round Thanks Guys

  4. james

    Quad Speedster.
    I cant say its anything less then the best surfboard iv brought iv only ever rode thruster and I gave this a go as a quad and my turns in smaller surf have been amazing it keeps speed nicely through flatter sections and can throw the tail out on occasion 😀 im working on it anyway. super pumped about getting this board thanks, Ben & Sam

  5. d mac

    Love It !
    I was looking for a swallowtail as that’s what I like to ride I also wanted to keep my spending as low as possible, where I surf it very easy to ding boards rock shingle ect… the first surf was so much fun, a great fast punchy board. so all in all im a happy customer I got exactly what I was looking for and at a great price. Thanks Guys

  6. niall

    Really nice board, the width and rocker suit my style to a tee and it’s surfs like a dream with a quad set up.

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