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The Bull is our most fun shortboard to date “it does all the work for” just have to sit back and enjoy the ride. The Bull is going to thrive in whatever wave condition it’s in, anything from knee to head high waves and especially perfect in those smaller “mushier” days.

the design

The width and the thickness of the bull means maximum stability while also giving you unparalleled paddle power in the line-up, resulting in you catching more waves easier & faster. It has a slightly narrowed and foiled tail, so it will retain that high-performance responsive feel in the turns, whilst gliding over flatter sections with ease. The Bull is really going to make those smaller days a whole lot of fun.

the SHape

Its design allows catching waves and paddling to become easy and effortless due to its wider nose, fuller rails and additional volume through the deck. This gives you great speed and momentum, whilst still giving you enough control and sensitivity to perform in bigger surf.
This is going to be a great transitional board for beginners or anyone who wants to downsize from a longboard to something a bit smaller. This board is also going to be great for surfers that don’t surf so much on a regular basis as well as advanced surfers who want that little extra speed, power and stability in smaller waves. A great all-around entry-level small wave board.
Overall the Bull is going to be Simple fun and easy to ride, we guarantee this board will make you smile. The Bull comes standard as a 5-fin option because it works well as both a thruster fin and a quad fin setups. This board tends to be ridden most often in the smaller surf, but the versatility in the 5-fin setup allows the bull to work in more powerful waves from anything from knee-high to head high waves


  • performance 60% 60%
  • paddle power 90% 90%
  • stability 80% 80%
  • control 70% 70%
  • turn 70% 70%
  • speed/drive 80% 80%
  • speed/glide 90% 90%

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max rider weight
20 7/8"
2 3/8"
21 3/8"
2 1/2"
21 7/8"
2 5/8"
22 1/8"
2 3/4"
22 3/8"
2 7/8"
22 7/8"
22 7/8"
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the FINs

All our surfboards come with a FCSII clip in fins

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8 reviews for The Bull

  1. billy g

    Amazing Service
    Amazing Service – I only live 10 minutes away from SBS and Sam Spoke to me with a few board and it was great to go into detail what would best suit my surfing. I was torn between this and the motivator. I decided the bull was for me as it would make the most of our local surf. but amazing service spending the time to speak to me about all the board’s options and even the company. I will be back for the motivator as well 🙂

  2. dominic

    Worth The Wait!
    So iv loved the look of this board since I saw it at a local spot. but it was out of stock the size I wanted Sam sent me an email when they were back in stock and I still got the sale price I saw it for aswell amazing customer service, and all in all its become my new go-to for the smaller waves. Amazing board guys can’t wait to get my SBS quiver going.

  3. marc

    It’s a real pleasure to,deal with SBS. They are keen, highly responsive and over all very easy to deal with. The board arrived in perfect condition well wrapped up. I live in Guernsey and lthe board is perfect for the smaller waves c.3 foot that we generally get here. Lots of stability and easy to catch the wave.

  4. lucy

    Great Board
    Great board, came really fast well packed and some free extras are thrown in the box as well. Thanks Guys

  5. andy

    Today was my first surf on it at Porthtowan 2ft. The surfboard is extraordinary, extremely fast and responsive. I am 5’6″ tall and 65 Kilos. A reasonable match for a 5’3″ swell now building so should get some decent waves this weekend.

    Keep up the good designs!

  6. danny

    OHH YEAH Its The Beast
    so I looked at the SBS range for a while and I brought the Motivator another incredible board from these guys, so I came back to see what else thay had for the smaller surf, I was torn between the bull and the spud stuck, with some helpful advice form Ben we found what I was really looking for speed catch everything and still handle the skaty turns and of the lips, it’s such a fun board, even in 2ft mush I’m smiling from ear to ear, another great board to my SBS quiver I will be back for a step up without a doubt

  7. mark cottrell

    Such a great board ,so diverse in all conditions , surfed this from knee high to over head works well in both conditions , glides over flat sections smooth transitions on turns ..Thanks to the guys at SBS very helpful , and informative..

  8. joe

    Small Wave God
    What a board….. In the surf, it incredible but I must say massive thanks to Ben and the others at SBS boards for massively helping me pick the right surfboard height and volume. Like a lot of people, i was a little bit wary of going to small. I’m used to 6’10 with loads of volume but they suggest I give a 5’11 ago as it had similar volume and when I paddled it for the first time it felt like its got even more volume than my old board. Really impressive customer service, thanks, boys.

    The Bull is just epic so much thickness and volume just allows me to cruise out when paddling and so so easy to maneuver in the water, got used to it after a few sessions and can handle some good shoulder-high waves brilliantly, brought it for mostly shoulder or head high waves and for me its perfect, so much speed even of tiny waves and so much more maneuverable than my 6’10 the benefits are huge and I already feel like my surfing is improving because of it. If you’re a little past your prim like me defiantly get one as bring back feeling of my energetic youth and that hunger to improve, Incredible board.

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