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the fun fish

The Fish Finger Is The latest slice of fun in our SBS range and its one of the smoothest fun surfboards we have ever made. The inspiration for this board derived from some incredible retro fish designs we had 10 years back and we wanted to make something just as fun with a more performance element to it perfect for sandbars and beach breaks.

the design

The Fish Finger has a pretty traditional fish outline with its wide point right up front to make catching waves and paddling super easy its then pulled back into a smaller fish tail than most traditional fishes to help with turn quicker and create smoother carves. It’s got a pretty flat rocker compared to most board we make with only a small amount of nose lift which helps this board to rocket down the line in smaller waves.

the SHape

The main feature of the fish finger is its iconic channel down the centre of the board leaving you with 2 chunkier raised rails helping to channel water towards the tail to generate speed and drive down the line.We would recommend for more skilled surfers they you get a few inches shorter than your traditional shortboard, this should help keep the incredible speed and drive created form the board and still give you that high performance feel when you release in turns.

The outline and the rocker profile make it easy to paddle and catch waves but keeping its ability to turn in critical sections of the waves. The twin fin setup makes it extremely loose in the tale for stylised surfing


The fish finger is ideally placed in between your small wave groveler and your performance shortboard for knee Hight to overhead sized surf.


  • performance 50% 50%
  • paddle power 80% 80%
  • stability 80% 80%
  • control 70% 70%
  • turn 90% 90%
  • speed/drive 60% 60%
  • speed/glide 90% 90%

whats the best size for me?

max rider weight
20 3/8"
2 1/4"
20 1/2"
2 5/16"
20 5/8"
2 3/8"
2 1/2"
22 1/2"
2 7/16"

ideal wave range

skill level

the FINs

Our Fish Finger surfboards come with future fins

Still unsure?

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14 reviews for Fish Finger Rapid Flex

  1. James

    After seeing many of the reviews on the fish finger and also seeing how great the package deal was I couldn’t say no, also having the tailored bag is really appreciated I know many companies have a generic bag that’s always loose. To great detail Guys

  2. Daniel

    Looking at the fish and the Bull decided to go with the fish as I’m on the smaller side 55 kg and a slightly narrower outline this board has more than enough for me it’s been super fun catching every wave so easy to paddle so light if you’ve never bought an SBS board its ridiculously lightweight, But still really strong I’ve had a few heavy falls on this board, elbows and knees glad to say it’s still in one piece barely any pressure marks solid construction.

  3. Ross

    Thank you Sam for your recommendation I wasn’t sure what size to go for 4AS I was transitioning from a longboard The 6-ft 2 is literally perfect my new favourite board for sure

  4. Maddison

    Was looking at this and the Motivator for a few weeks decided to go with the fish finger for the loose tail and speed after the first surf it was so much fun 1and better than I thought. I saved a bunch of money with the package deal so I will probably come back and get the Motivator as well at some point keep up the great work guys

  5. Jona

    My new favourite board from the SBS boys it’s been going great into foot beach breaks can’t wait to take it travelling

  6. Aaron

    I’ve seen Dan surf the Fish before and it always looked like a fun board. I got my own in 6’0 and it’s been great for the small waves and even the big waves thought it might be too buoyant But it’s been perfect.

  7. Myles

    Super happy my new favourite board

  8. Dell

    This is my third SBS board never disappointed each one seems better than the last the fish is definitely my favourite for small local surf here in Devon i got the 5’8”

  9. Magnus

    I’ve had my fish finger for just over a year now the epoxy still has its spring and is very white it looks fresh out of the box still. Great Board Guys

  10. Magda

    Massive thank you to Sam and Ben for helping me find the right size is my first shortboard and has as been it an amazing buying experience can’t wait to get in the water

  11. Amelie

    I have nothing bad to say the delivery was fast, the board looks beautiful, well packed and all the added extras are killer value looking forward to taking it to the wave Bristol

  12. Jordan

    Very happy with the fish finger having tailored bags is a very nice touch thanks very much guys

  13. Amelie

    I got a 5ft8 fish finger UK delivery was 48 hours it was really well packed with all the added extras like the fins wax traction pad and leash as well as the bag

  14. Emily

    I’m loving the epoxy surfboards you guys make I got a detonator but I’m really enjoying the fish finger for when it’s smaller so much float up front under the chest I’m catching everything

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