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hungry for waves

The Predator is a really fun, fast and light all-around board that’s going to give you the confidence and speed in bigger waves as well as the paddle power and wave count in smaller surf ideal for intermediates – expert surfers.


the design

It has a progressive hybrid outline that is shorter, wider and thicker than your average surfboard. Its got plenty of volume and width upfront under your chest, which is then pulled back into a more refined rounded pin tail, giving the board a really unique riding style.

The Predator is one of our favourite allrounders and one of our best-selling surfboard. It’s designed with the perfect balance of high-performance features and modern comfort.

the SHape

The volume up-front gives it that ease of use when paddling and pumping down the line, whilst the pulled in tail keeps it smooth, fast and responsive allowing you to be more agile in tighter sections of bigger waves.

It’s got a super flat rocker throughout with a little more lift in the nose to help take on the bigger drops, whilst the added extra foam under the chest area really improved paddling speed and catching waves.


Its widest point is a little further up the board than most conventional shortboards allowing for a wider nose and width that is carried through the entire board giving great speed on any size wave.


It’s gradually pinched down into a foiled rounded pintail, giving less volume in the tail, so you retain that instant rail to rail response of a performance shortboard. It has been slightly tapered in the tail and the nose, giving it a balanced and stable feeling with a tone of forgiveness in turns. The Boards graduating single concave forces water towards the fins to help generate speed and drive, giving incredible grip in your turns, Especially in bigger waves.



  • performance 70% 70%
  • paddle power 70% 70%
  • stability 60% 60%
  • control 80% 80%
  • turn 80% 80%
  • speed/drive 70% 70%
  • speed/glide 80% 80%

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All our surfboards come with a FCSII clip in fins

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10 reviews for Predator Rapid Flex

  1. Mark

    Had a go on my mates one. Super fun has great control and is perfect for close out waves as you can hit the floater straight away. All round perfect board great for bottom turns

  2. Jay

    Bought the 38L Predator for better waves after having a 43L Bull for a couple years.

    Surfed it today in less than ideal conditions and all I can say is wow. This thing is crazy easy to surf well. It flies and the volume is just where you want it.

    The whole process is faultless and the boards are absolutely top quality. I’ll buy again from SBS.

  3. Ken Bagnall

    Thanks for directing me towards the Predator 35L. it’s perfect. Best boards iv had so far

  4. dyllan

    Super floaty fast and responsive in the tail. Great Board

  5. tim

    Does The Job
    Very similar to a famous board but about half the price

  6. jamie

    Sick Board
    Great for punchy waves and average wind slop, shape really solid in bigger surf

  7. trevor

    Great Price
    Lovely board bought for my 13-year-old son who surfs it all the time. Just a shame they didn’t have the size we wanted. other than that really good.

  8. chris

    Great Shape
    Was looking for a while online for similarly shaped board more hybrid or fun shapes, saw this one and looked like it was worth a go. Got it on next day delivery which was nice and with the bag and fins look pretty decent quality. The board is a rocket in average waves you get so much speed on the front foot and the tail really holds in bigger turns and keeps its speed well. I would say more fun than your classic shortboard but not too bigger difference in performance. Great shape

  9. eichard

    Great Board And Service
    Bought the 6’4″ model because I wanted more volume than my 6’2″ multitool. I am 6’1″ and 14.5stone so the predator was a really good addition to my quiver. It has loads of float, easy to paddle and it catches waves with ease. I noticed today that I was catching waves with less effort. I am still getting used to it but it’s certainly super fast, loose in the tail and it twists and carves well too. So I think it’s going to be a great all rounder.. The service from SBS was brilliant and the prices are still fair so I will certainly use them again.

  10. andy

    So finally got to use my predator, 2-3 ft waves and this board flies in he pocket with the quickest transitions. This is a real performer.

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