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big wave longboarding

The Big Squid is our new-school long board with all the traditional fun features of that old-school smooth style. It has a low entry rocker combined with a fuller outline to create the perfect stable platform for cross stepping and nose riding. The thinned out, tucked in tail allows for incredible rail to rail control for more progressive and modern off the lip style surfing.

the design

The pulled in squash tail performs effortlessly with the fin set up allowing this board to be ridden as a single or a thruster for added versatility in different waves. That added smoothness between transitions makes this board fast and loose in the pocket giving you just enough release on more progressive manoeuvres.

the SHape

The single concave flatter deck and rocker line of the Big Squid provide incredible speed and momentum for paddling and riding and the volume displacement gives you the ability to be highly manoeuvrable while being incredibly forgiving.

The Big Squid is made with a lightweight EPS foam and robust epoxy construction making it highly manoeuvrable and on average 30% stronger and 20% lighter than average polyurethane boards. This combination allows for huge advantages when turning, and incredible versatility in different sized waves.

The Big Squid Longboard is going to be great for any surfer from beginner to advanced looking for a small wave board or a real performance Mal that’s going to keep you stoked for years to come.


  • performance 70% 70%
  • paddle power 90% 90%
  • stability 80% 80%
  • control 80% 80%
  • turn 60% 60%
  • speed/drive 80% 80%
  • speed/glide 70% 70%

whats the best size for me?

max rider weight
21 1/2"
2 3/4"

ideal wave range

skill level

the FINs

All our Longboards come with 4 FCSII fins and a large Center fin

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4 reviews for Big Squid

  1. mandy

    My First Surfboard
    iv used foam boards and this is the best surfboard I could have got fast and easy for me to learn on

  2. yuna

    Performance +++
    iv surfed longboards for years, this is my new go-to for bigger surf maneuverable and amazing thanks, guys x advising me on the phone what might be best for me

  3. mike

    Nose Riding Whoo
    iv tried friends longboards to nose ride never really got the hang of it but it seems to be natural on this board love it great board guys will be back for a shortboard no doubt

  4. darren

    Love The Look
    Hey Just thought I would comment on the board as just got it via UPS on a 2-day delivery before my surf trip, I was a little worried about the board getting damaged but really well wrapped and protected. I phoned up to ask about delivery and the guys were really helpful and pretty impressed with the incredible service. Opened it up and its a thing of beauty love the colours and the design, I haven’t surfed it yet but can’t wait to get it in the water. Awesome service and really appreciate the free t-shirt, great experience highly recommended.

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