2019 Best Sups

2019 Best Sups


In 2019 sbsboards are bringing you the very best in our stand up paddle board range with new construction, new designs and new sizes as well as our classic favourite designs that we know you have come to love. our goal for our SUP range in 2019 is to bring more variety as well as more options for advanced and professional riders right to the other end of the spectrum with more choice for beginners.

Our 2019 board are tougher and stronger than ever before using a variety of new construction techniques as well as new materials to make our sups last longer and lighter with better performance. Take a look at our 2019 range below and let us know if you have any questions about any of our sups in the question box below 



The widow maker is our performance surf SUP designed for high-end performance wave riding. It has a short overall length compared with most other SUPS which allows it to fit perfectly in the pocket of the wave with ease. It’s thinned out nose and tail give it a lighter high-performance feel, whilst the wider width and lower rocker line help generate a lot of speed, enabling the rider to make smooth, controlled, rail-to-rail transitions with minimal effort.

It’s so reactive you will forget you’re on a sup. The foiled out tail adds manoeuvrability in the turns, combined with an increase in stability when riding waves from the wider tail template, giving you the float needed to catch waves without sacrificing performance.


  • Hight Volume Surf SUP

  • Highly manoeuvrable, 

  • Wide centre point for stability and paddling 

  • Great for intermediate to advanced Stand-Up paddlers

  • Ideal in 2-8 foot waves


The War Bird The War Bird is a dedicated wave SUP for when the surf is pumping. This board is everything you want in a wave SUP, precision turning, easy wave catching and great fun to paddle. It’s designed for paddlers who can already surf in waves and be looking for a board to take them to that next level of performance.

It comes as standard with our hybrid carbon technology consisting of a carbon fibre and fibreglass epoxy sandwich construction for the perfect ratio of lightweight ease of use, to great strength and durability. The design of the War Bird is set up for experienced riders who want to surf in the pocket and on the open face. It outlines design and bottom contours allow for a smooth entry into the wave, whilst its performance rocker gives an instantaneous response to rail transitions with no lag, giving you a responsive feeling and connection to the wave. It has a thinned-out nose & tail to minimise swing weight and improve control. Its tail has been thinned out and foiled to give you the maximum control when turning even in the most critical part of the wave.


  • Lower Volume Surf SUP

  • Highly performance

  • Incredibly manoeuvrable

  • Light and very responsive

  • Great for intermediate to advanced Stand-Up paddlers

  • Ideal in 3-10 foot waves



The Big Rocket is our all-round cruiser and waves SUP perfect for a first time paddler or recreational users as well as intermediates looking for a SUP for the waves. This board offers the best combination of speed, stability and wave performance in one board. The Big Rocket is exactly that a great all round board great for any supping activity whether it be flat water paddling in the lakes or sea or hitting the surf in the open ocean it’s got you covered.

The design has been shaped to give optimal stability and comfort for the first time or competent paddlers. Its width and thickness give it great volume and float in the centre whilst the outline allows for smooth easy paddling.

If you wanted to take to the surf, this board is a perfect starting point with its smooth longboard contours, finely-tuned rocker outline and decreased volume in the nose and tail makes it an extremely responsive board without sacrificing stability. The Big Rocket is perfect for hitting the waves with its specifically designed concave and tail template. The concave gets you up plaining quicker this allows for faster paddling and an easy takeoff, whilst the tail gives a great connection to the wave through rail transitions allowing effortless glide and control over the wave.


  • A wide stable base for beginner-intermediate surfers
  • Medium to low volume 
  • More rocker to help with surfing waves
  • Great for turning and catching waves
  • Very manoeuvrable 
  • Ideal for beginner to advanced paddlers 


Our Navigator Sup is our all-around Stand-Up Paddleboard for flat water and small waves really popular with family’s, beginners and wave surfers.   It’s got an EPS  foam core combined with epoxy shell making this board super durable and lightweight (10KG) for a board of this size. The shape of the board provides perfect volume displacement when on the flats, making this board super stable and really forgiving in any conditions. Whilst the outline gives it tonnes of drive when on the waves.  

The slightly wider and thicker rails are going to provide a stable platform when paddling and trying to catch waves whilst a foiled out tail is going to keep the board nice and responsive when performing manoeuvres.



  • Ideal for beginner-to-intermediate paddlers

  • Easy and stable to paddle

  • Grip deck for extra traction 

  • Ideal length and volume fo paddler under 110 kg 

  • Great beginner -intermediate sup for surfing  1-5 foot waves

  • Perfect for flatwater and surfing 



The Don is our big board for big distances, great for touring, fitness, and racing.Its all-around streamline design is perfect for flat-water performance, recreational users as well as open ocean long distance competitors looking for a board with great, speed and glide. The Don is designed for great performance with low energy expenditure.

The generous volume and width provide great stability, ideal for larger paddlers as well as the addition of smaller children or extra luggage. The volume helps to maintain high-speed & and smooth glide when paddling whilst its outline makes it extremely stable and fast, for phenomenal acceleration and speed. It has been designed with a hybrid combination of an ultra-fast rocker line and modern bottom contours that provide added stability for touring, long distance & exploring.

It works great in all conditions, flat water, small waves and open ocean swells, this is due to its hybrid streamline design providing perfect water displacement, whilst also gliding perfectly with its wave-piercing bow. The outline and lower rocker help the board to track, whilst the efficient rocker profile keeps you in the power zone of any swell. The Don has a smooth to flat transition in the rocker-line underneath your paddling position to give great stability and perfect glide between strokes. This intern helps to maintain great planning speed without sacrificing any manoeuvrability.

The Don is going to be perfect for anyone looking to start out in standup paddling as well as intermediate to advanced paddlers looking for a long distance board as well as a great recreational open ocean or downwind board.


  • Bow displacement nose

  • Very stable

  • Easy to paddle

  • Great for fitness or long distance paddling

  • Light only 11.6 KG



We designed the Long Bow for advanced to elite level paddlers, as a stand-up paddle race competitor. We know having the right equipment is crucial for your success and having a board that can deal with anything from massive chop to side wind conditions is hugely important.

This board has some incredible features to help it glide through the water, firstly its modified rolled nose and hull help provide lift and get you up to planning speed, its bottom contours feature a concave in the centre opening up into a slight V shape in the tail to help better release and maximize stability when paddling even in the harshest conditions. This will give you all the comfort & stability of paddling a much wider board but without the extra width. The tail width and outline help to provide float and a stable surface to control in turns as well as make rail transfers in downwind sessions or on waves a piece of cake.

If you’re looking for the ideal board for speed in the open ocean, whether it’s flat water speed racing, downwind cruising or riding waves in the surf this board does it all. It’s our pro race board with outstanding features for elite level performance.


  • Carbon fibre construction 

  • Sleek design to accelerate through the water with ease

  • Dropped deck for better stability and cadence

  • High volume to help propel you forward and minimise drag 

  • Race handles positioned perfectly for water entry and exit

  • Open ocean rocker to help catch waves downwind

  • Concaves to help funnel water towards the tail

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    SUP Widow Maker

  • SUP LONG BOW (Carbon) 12’6

  • SUP THE DON 12’6

  • SBS Ultra Light 3k Carbon Paddle

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    £1,049.00 £599.00
Why Stand Up Paddleboarding Will Make You live Longer?

Why Stand Up Paddleboarding Will Make You live Longer?

Why Stand Up Paddleboarding Will Make You Live Longer?


The Health benefits associated with stand up paddleboarding are crazy good but when it comes to longevity sup has some great tricks to keep you paddling well into your later century. Stand up paddleboarding has gained popularity over recent years all over the world its reported as the quickest growing water sport with more first-time participant’s than any other, so what’s the hook? Well, stand up paddleboarding has so many benefits and so diverse as it can reach such an array of people in many different areas. If you got a lake, river or the sea by you your good to go. So how does stand up paddleboarding help me live longer, well check out the list below to see why supping is good for your life expectancy.

Why stand up paddleboarding will help me live longer


Stand up paddleboard for a lot of people can be a weekend activity or just for holidays but for the committed it can be a real lifestyle and one that has a few benefits for these people it’s not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle which can be beneficial to your mental and physical health.


(1) No Gym Required Sup Will Keep you in shape


If you go out for a paddle for an hour or 2 you will defiantly feel the benefits just like going to the gym, it has been shown to be very similar to running and aerobic activity’s. Competing again a friend of group members can really up to the intensity and has been shown to develop great overall & increased strength, especially in the upper body & core whilst also improving stability. Other improvements for your cardiovascular health are huge, not only working your heat & Lungs your muscle and skin will get a damn good sweet, you’ll be burning calories left right and centre. Helping to reduce your overall body fat and improve heart health will intern help to reduces the risk of diseases like heart attacks, strokes.  so next time you trying to blag going out on the water remember it’s for your health

(2) Saltwater/Air

Yes, that classic saying of the sea air will do you good hold more promise than previously thought. depending on how good you are you might spend a lot of time on top of the water or in it but either way your breathing in that fresh sea air. Spending a lot of time at sea or in the water has massive benefits to immunity and oral health the sea not only keeps a lot of nasty bugs away, but it’s incredibly beneficially for lung health and your respiratory system will be cleansed. as well as the incredible mineral contents from salt water that helps improve the function of our skin.

(3) The Sun and vitamin D 

Yep, there is no escaping it the sun is going to be on you, and admittedly the sun can get a bad wrap when I come to skin damage but it also provides us with a very important vitamin. Vitamin (D) Adequate vitamin D helps with the regulation of calcium and phosphorus absorption, which is required to keep our bones healthy and also fight diseases like cancer, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. keeping this thing in check can decently help extend your life so ensuring you get out and absorb some vitamin D is a must.

(4) Natural Environments

One of the best things about paddleboarding is that you are in nature interacting with sun sea and air, as well as all the natural wonders of the sea, lakes and rivers being out on the open water battling mother nature, is what its all about for some and that is we really feel most alive and your not wrong  Nemours studies support the idea of being in a natural environments especially water as it has calming benefits for mental health. Engaging with nature can have a positive effect on your outlook attitude and stress levels.Stand Up paddle boarders especially spend a lot of time in natural environments interacting directly with the water and other elements its this interaction through an exercise in natural environments that have been shown to have more benefits for spiritual and mental health than anywhere else. and I’m sure every paddler can relate to a feeling of peace, relaxation and mindfulness that comes with being out at sea on just paddling through the water.

(5) Cold water therapy

If you head in to the British waters in the winter months you will know what I’m talking about, sometimes taking a plunge can be an icy experience or a cold water flush can be a brain freezer but if your brave enough to venture in to the cold waters it might just keep you young as research suggests that cold water exposure can be a benefit to your health. Cold water exposure allows the body to burn more calories than it usually would trying to keep you warm compared to a hot days paddling you also get a massive rush of endorphins, adrenaline and cortisol, which gives you that good feeling inside. If repeating this can change your physiology massively which can intern help to improve the immune system fight off bad bacteria and reduced inflammation so next time you take the plunge you know it’s doing you good.

(6) Focused Mind

The Focus of stand up paddleboarding can be something that can really consume your life, But a focused mind can really help with living longer when your focus doesn’t have to be. A number of research papers looking at people jobs and social activities as they got older and they found that people who had focus goals and purpose in their everyday life lived longer and had a better quality of life. In stand up paddleboarding our focus can be on the next race or swell or next set training getting fitter staying strong researching better equipment. We are lucky because our sport can give so much back to us and reward that focus and reward that patience and dedication. This never ends as supping like surfing is a lifelong journey one that we can constantly try to master but always just that next swell away, I think personally it’s a great way to live one swell one set one wave at a time.

(7) Easy on the body

The low impact nature of SUP means it has been a great cross training method for athletes recovering from injuries and a low chance you will get injured or cause damage to joints of ligaments. The low impact is great for recovery and building your back strength and getting a cardio work out without having to bust a gut. A lot of paddlers I know moved to the sport because of injury’s in other sports and allows them to still exercise with minimal to no pain. Great for cross training and improving balance it will keep you active even if you can’t run jump or lift heavy things so stand up paddleboarding is pretty ideal for the older generation to keep fit.

(8) Relaxing

One of the greatest reason to paddle, Yep we all know that feeling of having an amazing an amazing day on the water paddling in the sun on tranquil flat water or an epic downwind session is battling the surf for a few hours. it give your body a feeling of peace you just keep coming back for  its partly to do with the physical exhaustion, but also the mental release of all that energy that has built up from work or stresses of life and as soon as you on the water the stress goes and replaced with a feeling of relaxation, I don’t think there is another feeling like it. Also the tranquillity you feel from just being in the water sometimes alone having time to reflect on things is a real added bonus as in most people’s busy lives they don’t get time to reflect and process things. This process can be really relaxing and calming helping to lower stress levels. stand up paddleboarding can also help to give you that good feeling of accomplishment of overcoming the barriers and trial of the surf or distance sometimes the harder the paddle or more difficult the conditions the sweater the accomplishment. Remember living long is one thing but having a great quality of long life is the goal that why SUP can really help keep your well-being and joy at is max. As long as you get enjoyment every day from the surf then life is pretty good  


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