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The Long Bow

We designed the Long Bow for advanced to elite level paddlers, as a stand-up paddle race competitor. We know having the right equipment is crucial for your success and having a board that can deal with anything from massive chop to side wind conditions is hugely important. That is why we developed the Long Bow Pro Race SUP. Just like the Long Bow was a weapon revered for hundreds of years this board will be just as dangerous in any race condition.

The Long Bow with its beautiful sleek design has been a 2-year project combined with hours of research and designing as well as prototyping and testing with our team riders in competitions around Europe until we achieved the finished Long Bow we have today.

Our testing was done in the UK & Fuerteventura providing us with the perfect testing ground because of its strong open ocean swells and relentless winds.

This board has some incredible features to help in glide through the water, firstly its modified rolled nose and hull help provide lift and get you up to plaining speed, its bottom contours feature a concave in the center opening up into a light V shape in the tail to help better release and maximize stability when paddling even in the harshest conditions. This will give you all the comfort & stability of paddling a much wider board but without the extra width. The tail width and outline help to provide float and a stable surface to control in turns as well as make rail transfers in downwind sessions or on waves a piece of cake.

We designed the Long Bow to thrive in every condition so when it comes to flat water sprints or hitting the surf on a beach race the Long Bow has the edge. Its Lowered deck provides a more efficient paddle stroke combined with its super-fast plaining hull and sleek outline the Long Bow will cut through the water like a hot knife through butter. When it comes to downwind or wave riding this board has a few tricks we used our knowledge in wave performance to create one of the most versatile and responsive race SUPS on a wave. Our tail design combined with almost gullwing shape gives you unparalleled control in the surf.This gives the board just more reason to go out for a surf or downwind.

If you’re looking for the ideal board for speed in the open ocean, whether it’s flat water speed racing, downwind cruising or riding waves in the surf this board does it all. It’s our pro race board with outstanding features for elite level performance.

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by Phill on SBSboards
Training Board

if started to really get into the racing training side of the SUPing world and look at so many second-hand carbon race boards, then I found the longbow for the same price as the second-hand board I got this one new the bag fins and leash, absolutely amazing as for the performance i smoke everyone out of the water for 12'6 its very fast. 25" wide I was a little worried but the secondary stabilisation kicks in if you feel too far over, iv come second in my first two races using this board so something is working. Thanks guys for an awesome board

by Paul on SBSboards
Open Sea

first off, its a thing of beauty a very good looking SUP, and it arrived packaged well no complaints there. I wanted this board for open ocean swells as I see your team rider has competed in open ocean events with this board, so I knew it was a well-designed board, it glides and handles shop perfectly, once on the water it's as if there is no resistance when paddling you move so effortlessly. I was not sure what to expect from the low price but there was no need to worry at all its the best SUP iv brought so far and I saved a ton of money as well.

WIN WIN Thanks, Ben & Sam

by Ryan on SBSboards
Great Board

Fast Delivery, Looks Amazing, the paddle is super light, I got the package with everything included it was a great deal for me just getting into Stand Up Paddleboarding

by Narcy on SBSboards
Great Board

Bought for my training and competitions incredible race board for the open ocean and downwind. It's so light and super stable compared to my other boards I would highly recommend it

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