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Easy touring

The Don is our big board for big distances, great for touring, fitness, and racing.Its all-around streamline design is perfect for flat-water performance, recreational users as well as open ocean long distance competitors looking for a board with great, speed and glide.

the design

The Don is designed for great performance with low energy expenditure. The generous volume and width provide great stability, ideal for larger paddlers as well as the addition of smaller children or extra luggage. The volume helps to maintain high-speed & and smooth glide when paddling whilst its outline makes it extremely stable and fast, for phenomenal acceleration and speed.

the SHape

It has been designed with a hybrid combination of an ultra-fast rocker line and modern bottom contours that provide added stability for touring, long distance & exploring.
It works great in all conditions, flat water, small waves and open ocean swells, this is due to its hybrid streamline design providing perfect water displacement, whilst also gliding perfectly with its wave-piercing bow. The outline and lower rocker help the board to track, whilst the efficient rocker profile keeps you in the power zone of any swell.
The Don has a smooth to flat transition in the rocker-line underneath your paddling position to give great stability and perfect glide between strokes. This intern helps to maintain great planning speed without sacrificing any manoeuvrability


  • performance 80% 80%
  • paddle power 90% 90%
  • stability 80% 80%
  • control 70% 70%
  • turn 60% 60%
  • speed/drive 80% 80%
  • speed/glide 70% 70%

whats the best size for me?

check our size chart for Stand Up Paddleboard ability and weight.
max rider weight
29 9/16"
8 7/16"
ideal wave range
skill level

All our Don SUPS come with a large single fin ideal for touring

the paddle

Choose to select the paddle package you will receive the fibreglass / carbon / paddle ideal to get started adjustable to find your ideal size for surf or flat water or even multiple riders

paddle details

  • Total weight – Only 500g
  • Blade size – 18.7″x7.8″
  • blade angle – 8*
  • Max Length – 220cm
  • 29mm diameter shaft
  • Anti-Twist Handle

price with package £100

Still unsure?

The Don is going to be perfect for anyone looking to start out in standup paddling as well as intermediate to advanced paddlers looking for a long distance board as well as a great recreational open ocean or downwind board.


7 reviews for SUP THE DON 12'6

  1. lucy

    Love It
    Brought the Sup online after seeing it in SUP MAG and really thougt it looked like a work of art . Phoned up and asked for a viewing the next couple of days which they were able to acomidate, so i paddled their demo Don SUP in bognor and fell in love . Been paddling now for over 4 months and i can say hand on hard one of the easiest sups to paddle for me (beginer /intermediat 60kg) and i have paddled maby 7-8 sups so far and this one i instantly felt so stable even in choppy conditions off brighton so cant thank you enogh, im defiently the envy of most supper on the water.

  2. julian

    Perfect For Me
    Love the don from the moment I saw it on the SBS Instagram page immediately looked it up online and saw a few videos and said I had to have it. brought online no fuss board arrived within 2 days which was great and slightly unexpected.packaged really well and felt like a kid at Christmas opening it up. all I can say is WOW better in real life then it looks on the video a thing of real beauty didn’t want to get it wet but paddles great very stable and perfect for my little coastal trips on the east coast. Great board great price great stuff boys keep them coming. ill be buying the longbow next once I get good enough.

  3. david

    It is the First SUP I have ever bought and was very pleased with the board, wasn’t sure about getting a hardboard or whether to go the inflatable rout. Went to a demo day and tried out a few inflatable and then tested the don to compare and the difference for me is black and white. It feels a lot more rigid and solid than an inflatable, and for me, I felt more in control, so I bought one.

  4. flo

    Love this board….. had a few Sups in the last few years mostly paddle on the flat water around lakes and sea and this one is definitely the best looking and performing I have had. incredible smooth to paddle and glides so nicely compared to a few others I have had. can stand on this one all day and have no problems with falling in.

  5. bruce

    Nice Sup
    When I got the board it was perfect, lovely, beautiful & great to paddle for myself and my son. We had them sent to France but they were delayed by a few days which wasn’t ideal but the board was great.

  6. Nick

    Really enjoying paddling this superb looking board. Having previously owned an inflatable SUP, this is very noticeably faster and smoother, but still very stable. You can tell how streamlined it is from the lack of movement in the water behind the board. My only mild gripe is that this is a touring board but there are no lashing points for bungee cord to hold a dry bag, however this was easily resolved with a set of self adhesive Airhead lashing points which only cost a few quid.

  7. Christopher Bridgewater

    Firstly may I say it is a joy to paddle.

    I’ve paddled a number of SUP’s and was fully entrusted that you guys are on the right page. The shape is superb. I only did a short paddle to get a feel but found it was very stable but still quite agile with some weight movement. It tracks very well and the glide is pretty good.

    What I found a little shocking was the speed of my paddle. I usually cruise at 4mph but found today got recorded as my 3rd fastest time on the route I did. Now taking into account that I was pausing to adjust the paddle length, doing some weight experimentation, step back turns and bidding the fishermen a good morning I’m very curious.

    It looks like it will put my cruise pace at just over 5mph which is my Prone pace, which I find a little unsettling. but as a set up ready to go, you guys should be very proud. I like British shapers and supporting the cause

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