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The King Of Surfing Goes Vegan “Kelly Slater”


Kelly Slater the 11-time world champ of surfing has always been known for eating pretty healthy, and if you watch any interview with him talking about food by god he knows a lot about health and nutrition. But more recently on Kelly’s social media channels, he has been talking about his adoption of a vegan (plant-based diet) in the videos the 11-time world champion said: “I haven’t had milk for probably 20 years now.”  And for good reason for those of you that follow Kelly he talks out about the ethical problems with drinking milk and eating other dairy products and has always been opposed to eating most animal products and prefers getting his protein from things like chia and plants.

What was the real reason Kelly slater went vegan why now and why at this point in his surfing career. Well Kelly touches on a few points that are critical to his change in his diet as well as him looking to stay at a very high-level kelly is also trying to fight off injuries as well as old age and sticking to a plant-based diet is one way he’s upped his game. Kelly is well known for his surfing performance but out of the water has a fierce ambassador for environmental change and reducing greenhouse gases and all in all trying to help the planet.
  • Eco Warrior

Helping to reduce carbon footprint -through reducing his meat consumption and the production of meat is the easiest way any of us can help reduce co2 production more than any other action.
  • Healthier

Kelly being super into his nutrition from a young age has developed a nutrition knowledge to envy the top nutritional scientists. since his farther death from cancer, Kelly has made a conscious choice about food and what he puts into his body, eating a more plant-based lifestyle over the last 15-20 years with the rare occasion for meat or dairy. science show a whole load of health benefits of going vegan here is just some of those benefits
  • 1. Reduced saturated fats.

  • 2. Carbohydrates.

  • 3. Way More Fiber.

  • 4. More Magnesium.

  • 5. More Potassium

  • 6. More Folate Vitamin B

  • 7. Higher Antioxidants.

  • 8. More Vitamin C

  • 9. More Vitamin E

  • 10. Get You Phytochemicals

  • 11. Plant Protein.

  • Disease Prevention

  • 12. Decreased Cardiovascular disease.

  • 13. Lower Your Cholesterol.

  • 14. Lower your Blood pressure.

  • 15. Minimise your risk of Type 2 diabetes.

  • 16. Prevent Prostate cancer.

  • 17. Reduce the risk of Colon cancer.

  • 18. Reduce the risk of Breast cancer.

  • 19. Slow Down Macular degeneration.

  • 20. Reduce the risk of Cataracts.

  • 21. Stop Arthritis.

  • 22. Prevent Osteoporosis.

  • Physical Benefits

  • 23. Lower Body Mass Index.

  • 24. Lose The Weights.

  • 25. More Energy.

  • 26. Healthier skin.

  • 27. Live a longer life.

  • 28. Improved Body odour.

  • 29. Less Bad breath.

  • 30. Healthier Hair.

  • 31. Stronger Nails.

  • 32. PMS Become less intense.

  • 33. Less frequent/ intense Migraines.

  • 34. Fewer Allergies.

If all of those aren’t good enough to at least give the plant-based diet a go then I don’t know what is
  • Environment

as a pro surfer on tour for over 20 years, Kelly has seen his fair share of oceans and the pollution caused by humans that end up there. All of our waste usually end up in the ocean and making that connection with what you eat and consume and how it affects the environment around you is incredibly eye-opening. Kelly defiantly trying to limit his impact on this earth by taking meat off the table. Take a look at a few other pro athletes who extending their careers and thriving at the top of their sport on a vegan diet  
  • Improved Surfing Performance

Kelly heading in the later part of his career isn’t just phasing out he’s still trying to go for world titles. with his last year on tour, looming keeping his body in good condition is a top priority to keep his energy levels high and injury risk low. A vegan diet can help reduce chronic inflammation as well as stabilise blood sugar levels. A plant-based diet can also give you a really steady supply of energy and help keep the PH of your body at a lower level. younger guys had fallen off tour with injuries and just lost there way and with Kelly looking to make his final year that elusive 12 world title we can only hope that the plant-based diet gives him the superhuman strength to compete at the highest level.  

Whatever your thoughts of kelly slater turning vegan if an 11-time world surfing champion and someone as smart as Kelly himself see potential benefits especially in a competitive surf arena then what it can do for the average jo could be incredible. let us know if you think you would go vegan to improve your surfing.

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