Unleash Ultimate Performance on any Wave SUP

The War Bird is a dedicated wave SUP for when the surf is pumping. This board is everything you want in a wave SUP, precision turning, easy wave catching and great fun to paddle. It’s designed for paddlers who can already surf in waves and looking for a board to take them to that next level of performance.

It’s Versatile 

It comes as standard with our hybrid carbon technology consisting of a carbon fibre and fibreglass EPOXY sandwich construction for the perfect ratio of lightweight ease of use, to great strength and durability. We have combined its precision shaped CNC cut EPS core with extra reinforcement under the deck nose & tail to ensure the board has incredible impact resistance & strength giving it rigidity and durability for when the surf gets rough. This board comes as standard with a fully grooved EVA Deck pad with an integrated Ledged handle.


The design of the War Bird is set up for experienced riders who want to surf in the pocket and on the open face. It’s outline design and bottom contours allow for a smooth entry into the wave, whilst its performance rocker gives an instantaneous response to rail transitions with no lag, giving you a responsive feeling and connection to the wave. It has a thinned-out nose & tail to minimise swing weight and improve control. Its tail has been thinned out and foiled to give you the maximum control when turning even in the most critical part of the wave


Surf Sup Performance 

The War Bird has a 5-fin set up usually ridden as a quad or thruster with the ability to switch out fins for more hollow or gradual waves. This board is going to perform great in waist high to well overhead surf and really excel in more powerful waves. If you’re a paddler looking for a real performance sup for wave surfing, then look no further. A great performance waves SUP for anyone who wants to make the most out of their waves.


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