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pinicle of surf sup

The War Bird is a dedicated wave SUP for when the surf is pumping. This board is everything you want in a wave SUP, precision turning, easy wave catching and great fun to paddle. It’s designed for paddlers who can already surf in waves and be looking for a board to take them to that next level of performance.

the design

It comes as standard with our hybrid carbon technology consisting of a carbon fibre and fibreglass epoxy sandwich construction for the perfect ratio of lightweight ease of use, to great strength and durability. We have combined its precision shaped CNC cut EPS core with extra reinforcement under the deck nose & tail to ensure the board has incredible impact resistance & strength giving it rigidity and durability for when the surf gets rough.

the SHape

This board comes as standard with a fully grooved EVA Deck pad with an integrated Ledged handle. The design of the War Bird is set up for experienced riders who want to surf in the pocket and on the open face. It’s outline design and bottom contours allow for a smooth entry into the wave, whilst its performance rocker gives an instantaneous response

It has a thinned-out nose & tail to minimise swing weight and improve control. Its tail has been thinned out and foiled to give you the maximum control when turning even in the most critical part of the wave The War Bird has a 5-fin set up usually ridden as a quad or thruster with the ability to switch out fins for more hollow or gradual waves.

This board is going to perform great in waist high to well overhead surf and really excel in more powerful waves. If you’re a paddler looking for a real performance SUP for wave surfing, then look no further. A great performance waves SUP for anyone who wants to make the most out of their waves.  


  • performance 100% 100%
  • paddle power 40% 40%
  • stability 60% 60%
  • control 90% 90%
  • turn 100% 100%
  • speed/drive 50% 50%
  • speed/glide 70% 70%

whats the best size for me?

check our size chart for Stand Up Paddleboard ability and weight.

ideal wave range

skill level

the FINs

All our  Warbird SUPS come with a large single fin and a quad FCSII setup

the paddle

If you’re looking for the ideal board for speed in the open ocean, whether it’s flat water speed racing, downwind cruising or riding waves in the surf this board does it all. It’s our pro race board with outstanding features for elite level performance. 

paddle details

  • Total weight – Only 470g + 20g Handle
  • Blade size – 17.7″x8.7″
  • blade angle – 8*
  • Total Length before cut – 222cm/87in

price with package £120

Still unsure?

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3 reviews for SUP WAR BIRD

  1. ollie

    Sweet Ripper
    Surfed on SUPs for years had a load of different surf sups, this one defiantly up there in the top 3, closer to the feeling of surfing as you can really bury the tail and change direction fast. Can be tough to paddle if you’re not so skilled but that’s the price you pay for performance plus keeps you on edge. Great Surf SUP

  2. david

    Great Wave SUP
    Beautiful board for taking on bigger surf use mostly in the winter on bigger days from shoulder to overhead high waves. Nice full float in the centre to paddle on and really thins out in the tail and nose perfect for me ( 72 kg) to get good traction in the turns and enough float to keep its speed down the line. Feels relay fluid in cutbacks and relay responsive in the lip and really nice and light. Perfect for any good paddler in the surf.

  3. andrew

    More Surfboard Than Sup
    More surfboard than sup “but that’s a good thing” feels like a wild beast on a wave trying to tame it compared to other bigger sups, surfed for a while and this is as close as I have been in the sup world to that feeling. Its really responsive, and I can really get low with lots of power in the turns so thumbs up from me. PS also love the paint job, sick colours.

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