The Don is our big board for big distances, great for touring, fitness, and racing.Its all-around streamline design is perfect for flat-water performance, recreational users as well as open ocean long distance competitors looking for a board with great, speed and glide.

The Don is designed for great performance with low energy expenditure. The generous volume and width provides great stability, ideal for larger paddlers as well as the addition of smaller children or extra luggage. The volume helps to maintain high-speed & and smooth glide when paddling whilst its outline makes it extremely stable and fast, for phenomenal acceleration and speed. It has been designed with a hybrid combination of an ultra-fast rocker line and modern bottom contours that provides added stability for touring, long distance & exploring.

It works great in all conditions, flat water, small waves and open ocean swells, this is due to its hybrid streamline design providing perfect water displacement, whilst also gliding perfectly with its wave-piercing bow. The outline and lower rocker help the board to track, whilst the efficient rocker profile keeps you in the power zone of any swell. The Don has a smooth to flat transition in the rocker-line underneath your paddling position to give great stability and perfect glide between strokes. This intern helps to maintain great planning speed without sacrificing any manoeuvrability

The Don is going to be perfect for anyone looking to start out in stand-up paddling as well as intermediate to advance paddlers looking for a long distance board as well as a great recreational open ocean or downwind board.


Out Ultimate Flat Water Racer Stad Up Paddleboard

The Long Bow is the ultimate race developed at the hight level, with only podium placed in sight

1 Who is it For

If your a seasoned sup paddler who likes distance or speed this caters for both of those, a full 3k carbon fibre shell with a matte finish on the bottom to reduce drag. the longbow is out a weapon of the seas. designed with our team rider Narcy in the canary islands to be fast in chop open ocean and even surf, used island to island and in multiple competitions on the EU circuit, this board is not to be underestimated.

2 Not Sure, Come and Demo

if you have some SUP training under your belt and are looking for that edge or just want to get some distance and efficient paddling in the longbow will certainly help with that, 

if you would like to give this board a try let us know at

3 Speed and Performace under £1000

A full carbon 12’6 SUP with reiforced decking rails, wrap up the incredable deign in with wit the package you also get the protective carry bag, leash, fin and not forgetting an ultra light 450g 3k Carbon paddle. when you think all of this at under £1000 its a steal

please try find anything that comes close to this kind of value for money in the supping world

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