The BULL…. Our Perfect Surfboard For Every Day

The Bull is one of our favourites for most of the conditions we get here in the UK windy mushy lumpy waves that aren’t perfect, and yer sure we would all love to be ripping like Kelly Slater on or performance boards in 1 foot mush but in reality we need a little help to create the speed and power required.

The Bull is our answer to the smaller waves of the summer and the windy messy surf of the winter

1 Packed Full Of Volume

The Bull is our most fun short board to date “it does all the work for” just have to sit back and enjoy the ride. The bull is going to thrive in whatever wave condition it in, anything from knee to head high waves to bigger surf, a perfect board for those smaller “mushier” days.

The width and the thickness of the bull means maximum stability while also giving you unparalleled paddle power in the line-up, resulting in you catching more waves easier & faster. It has a slightly narrowed and foiled tail so it will retain that high performance responsive feel in the turns, whilst gliding over flatter sections with ease. The Bull is really going to make those smaller days a whole lot of fun.

2 Its Wide & Super Stable 

This is going to be a great transitional board for beginners or anyone who wants to downsize from a longboard to something a bit smaller. This board is also going to be great for surfers that don’t surf so much on a regular basis as well as advanced surfers who want that little extra speed, power and stability in smaller waves. A great all-around entry-level small wave board.

Overall the Bull is going to be Simple fun and easy to ride, we guarantee this board will make you smile. The bull comes standard as a 5-fin option because it works well as both a thruster fin and a quad fin setup. This board tends to be ridden most often in the smaller surf, but the versatility in the 5-fin setup allows the bull to work in more powerful waves from anything from knee-high to head high.

3 Flat Rocker

One of the most important design aspects of any surfboard is its rocker and the spud stick is no different and as you can see its rocker its pretty flat Its low entry rocker allows it to plane quickly and pick up speed whilst also making paddling super easy. It also has a lot more lift in the tail rocker to allow for hard tight turns without losing speed. This is great for beginner surfers looking to catch more waves or more advanced – expert surfers looking to get shorter in length to leverage the smaller length to improve weight transfer  (nose to tail). Advanced surfers will also love the speed power and flow created on small waves to help boost airs and create tight turns even on the smallest of waves.

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Using our Superfused closed cell foam in combination with a bamboo wooden stringer this will be a familiar feel for many surfers duel lamination on the deck and bottom, for a great strength impact to weight ratio and with an impact resistant foam this means far fewer delaminations and better spring longterm in the lifetime of the board, compared to a standard 4×4 lamination our boards come with 10oz of cloth on the deck to resist the pressure and denting you commonly get on other boards.


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