SUP MAG Review – The Longbow

SUP MAG Review – The Longbow

The Don is our big board for big distances, its our high performance SUP for touring, fitness, and racing. Its all-around streamline design is perfect for flat-water performance, recreational users as well as open ocean long distance competitors looking for a board with great, speed and glide. we wanted to see what Sup Mag UK editor and chif had to say about our long bow so we gave it to Tez who has reviewed hundreds of sups for SUP MAG UK and knows a thing or too about stand up paddleboards. 

What Tez Had To Say About The Long Bow SUP

“The brand’s Long Bow 12’6 is another addition to a steadily increasing high performance range”

 “Billed as an open ocean speed machine the Long Bow features a pronounced concave running along its hull to an equally pronounced V”

 “On the deck the LB’s nose is designed for water shedding with comfortable carry handles, positioned in all the right places”


 “In full carbon form it’s an easy SUP to carry – its light weight ensuring a swift entry and exit from the brine” 


“The LB’s sharp boxy rails make for a stable ride. There’s a good deal of secondary stability also enabling it to be railed onto an edge and reduce drag. Even at 25” (narrow for some) there’s more usability than you’d imagine and prospective riders – experienced bigger boned paddlers shouldn’t be put off”


“While certainly not a specific downwind machine the Long Bow is an admirable lump runner. It also surfs proper waves without too much hassle”

“A complete revelation the Long Bow is quick on glassy water – much faster than we anticipated! Without chop and flotsam trimming the SBS results in efficient release through each stroke. Add in easy manoeuvring and you have a potentially lethal sprint racer with the right pilot”

“Looking every bit the polished product it is the SBS Long Bow 12’6 is a full power carbon speed needle that handles open water environments and sheltered stretches with suitable aplomb. Versatile enough for both racing and touring (with experienced paddlers atop) it’s a smooth transition from bumps to glassy conditions. Eye-catching, performance orientated and cost-effective – what’s not to like?”

The Long Bow is also the board of choice for our SUP Team rider Nacy who competes using the longbow around the Canary island and lives in Fuerteventura. To check out how Narcy finds the longbow click the link below 

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