The swell chart war looking good and the conditions were perfect to take the Widowmaker surf sup out for a few small waves at our local break in east wittering a local surf sup hub for paddlers who like to get their weekly wintery fix of waves and paddling.

The wittering has long been our local break and especially as 2 local brothers that enjoy the surf its the closest surf spot to us that breaks semi consistently through the winter months. now its no bells beach or pipeline but for us is fun enough to catch a few waves through the year between bigger trips.



Our Thoughts About The Widow Maker Surf Sup


The Widowmaker was designed for just these types of conditions as locals to the Witterings we wanted surf sup that we could use in the south coast waves that don’t have so much power but still have a surf shape and design and can perform in the waves very well.

The widowmaker was our perfect sup for those conditions because of its high volume all in the centre-right over where you would stand, and really thinned out towards the nose and tail making it very responsive in turns but also paddles and catches waves well compared to most other all-rounders.

We have used the Widowmaker all over the UK from all of the local spots from Bracklesham Bay, East Wittering & West Witterings to Hayling island and even our more secret Bognor Regis breaks not to mention all over the west country and Fuerteventura. Its a performance-based sup built for average surf.

Fin versatility allows for either quad or thruster FCS setups, we Built it this way to make it adaptable to the surf conditions your in. The quad set up really lose and fun in smaller surf and gives it a lot more drive down the line in surf spots like east Wittering In West Sussex and help it really bit in the turns in the smaller surf. For the bigger surf, we would switch it to a classic 2+1 set up which helps hold your line in bottom turns in bigger waves  

The Widow Maker’s stability is its main talking point as for a surf sup designed for manoeuvrability and performance this sup is so stable. paddling on flat water or through the waves is a real breeze compared to other surf oriented sups. its 32″ width and high volume in the centre also really help you catch waves and make it past flatter sections. that’s why its one of your favourites to use at the Witterings throughout the winter.

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