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getting into surf sup

The widow maker is our beginner freindly recreational Surf SUP designed for wave riding. It has a short overall length compared with most other SUPS which allows it to fit perfectly in the pocket of the wave with ease

This board is going to perform great in small to medium-sized waves and really excel in more powerful waves. A great wave rider for anyone looking to get the most out of the waves they get.

the design

The Long Bow with its beautiful sleek design has been a 2-year project combined with hours of research and designing as well as prototyping and testing with our team riders in competitions around Europe until we achieved the finished Long Bow we have today.

Our testing was done in the UK & Fuerteventura providing us with the perfect testing ground because of its strong open ocean swells and relentless winds.

the SHape

It’s thinned out nose and tail give it a lighter high-performance feel, whilst the wider width and lower rocker line help generate a lot of speed, enabling the rider to make smooth, controlled, rail-to-rail transitions with minimal effort.

It’s so reactive you will forget you’re on a sup. The foiled out tail adds manoeuvrability in the turns, combined with an increase in stability when riding waves from the wider tail template, giving you the float needed to catch waves without sacrificing performance.

The board has been given extra volume and width for great stability and forgiveness when turning this is helped by the single concave throughout its entire length that helps maximise the stability, complemented by the amplified outline allows it to catch waves with ease.

It has a Quad/thruster 5 fin set up usually ridden as a quad but the great ability to change to a thruster for more hollow waves?

EPS core bonded to a wood veneer outer shell using fibreglass and the finest epoxy resins. Resulting in stand up paddle boards with amazing strength to weight ratio and excellent flex and rebound characteristics. Fast & loose and so much fun this board is going to be great for novice’s, child stand up paddlers or intermediate to advanced wave riders, we guarantee you’ll take to it quickly and easily.


  • performance 80% 80%
  • paddle power 60% 60%
  • stability 50% 50%
  • control 70% 70%
  • turn 90% 90%
  • speed/drive 50% 50%
  • speed/glide 60% 60%

whats the best size for me?

check our size chart for Stand Up Paddleboard ability and weight.

max rider weight
4 1/2"
4 11/16"
4 7/8"

ideal wave range

skill level

the FINs

All our Widow Maker SUPS come with a large single fin and a quad set of side fcsII fins

the paddle

Choose to select the paddle package you will receive the fibreglass / carbon / paddle ideal to get started adjustable to find your ideal size for surf or flat water or even multiple riders

paddle details

  • Total weight – Only 500g
  • Blade size – 18.7″x7.8″
  • blade angle – 8*
  • Max Length – 220cm
  • 29mm diameter shaft
  • Anti-Twist Handle

price with package £100

Still unsure?

select a board buy skill level or wave range


3 reviews for SUP Widow Maker

  1. mark

    12yo First SUP
    finding kids boards can be a little tricky and my youngest wanted to come paddling with me, we got the smaller widow maker and it was ideal for him, the adjustable paddle is perfect as he grows.Sam spoke to me about everything I need to know about the board, and we are loving the board thanks SBS Team

  2. darren

    Great Surf Sup
    Great board, ideal for my weight and skill level and really turns nicely on a wave. Super happy.

  3. dale

    Surf Sup First Timer
    iv been using the bigger sups for years now but really wanted something for the surf after speaking with both Ben & Sam and hearing how they design boards for our local conditions I knew id get on well with this board. they both really know their stuff when it comes to design and materials. all in all im very impressed im getting to grips with the turning. I will keep you posted guys Thanks

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