These Are The TOP 12 Best BOSU Ball Surf Exercises you need to be doing


Some of our top Best Bosu Ball  exercises to improve your Surf Fitness

If you looking to improve stability balance and lower body and core strength then look no further because a BOSU ball is a great way to train for surfers . some trainers call it the ultimate tool to help train your balance. for some is a great way to mimic your surf stance and instability of surfing a wave. The BOSU Balance ball Trainer is not only going to help strengthen your legs, abs, glutes and back muscles, but it’s going to hugely improve your coordination and balance in a more realistic and active way to surfing it relay help to focus on stability and if you use the other side for explosive psychometric jumps and foot coordination and ankle mobility. its such a good training tool and so diverse I would defiantly recommend ever surf have a go or try one out in the gym might just take your surfing to the next level.

BOSU Ball Balance Trainers are not just used by professional athletes and trainers tho you can do full stability works out and intense hit or cardio workouts for improving you’re all round fitness.


For this exercise, you will need a Bosu ball  and a bit of patience

Surf exercise with BOSU Ball

  • BOSU ball Pop Up

  • BOSU ball lateral push ups

  • BOSU ball explosive pushups

  • BOSU ball

  • 4 way

  • squat jump

  • BOSU ball single leg squat/lunge

  • BOSU ball stability disk (jump + stabilise)

  • BOSU ball jump twist and stabilise

  • Dumbell BOSU ball jump and squat

  • BOSU ball kettlebell swing

  • BOSU ball 1 arm dumbbell squat

  • BOSU ball barrel crouches

  • BOSU ball surf rail grabs

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