These Are Some Of The Best Core Surf Exercises Your NOT Doing !!!!


Top 10 Swiss Ball Surf Exercises To Improve Fitness

These are our top 10 surf exercise to really work the core and core rotation to help improve you turning on a surfboard.

Your core is hugely important when it comes to surfing and making sure the abs aren’t just for show and can really walk the walk is a must. These exercises are designed to really ramp up your core rotation as well as your physical strength and balance.

Yeah, maybe you’ll get some abs, with core training, but that’s not what you should focus on. What you should focus on are spinal stability and pelvic control, and then progress into high-speed rotational work, which is much more functional. The ripped abs will come with that. Too often I see guys hopping right into high speed or power dynamic core training.

The foundation of good surfing is a good core how good your spinal stability is combined with other attributes with power strength and flexibility will determine your surfing ability especial in recover from big manoeuvres and massive hacks and turns.

Before this work out try a few stretches to really get the body loose and warm before you try some of the more advanced stuff. if you go straight Into it you might hurt your self. Take a look at our previous video of how to warm up and stretch for surfing

Improve Strength & Stability

Fit For The Surf

Best Stretches For Surfers

An important part of recovery


Ensure you try all of the exercises or use the routine 2-3 times a week with a progressive program to help improve your surfing.

Surf work out exercises with Swiss ball for improved core


  • Swiss ball leg kick out
  • Swiss ball leg tucks
  • Swiss ball one leg tucks
  • Swiss ball pikes
  • Swiss ball shoulder press
  • Swiss ball one leg shoulder press
  • Swiss ball kneeling twists
  • Swiss ball explosive pushups
  • Double Swiss ball pushups
  • Swiss ball standing squats








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