Other Sports you may be called a poser. Someone pretending to be better than he/she is and is very clear to see after a short period of time they’re definitely not as good as they think

Surfers seem to have their own language when it comes to describing people getting excited nothing is quite ordinary when you’re a Surfer,  the term is usually used for beginners getting in the way of more advanced Surfers but can be thrown around for a large amount of other people e.g. someone who pretends to know how to surf,  someone who misjudged his own ability dropping in on other Surfers, That one person you always see paddling Out on a huge day and getting destroyed.

But don’t despair if you are a beginner this doesn’t mean you’re a kook sticking to surf etiquette you can be assured you won’t be getting name’s thrown at you


Knowing the basics will assure that you don’t look out of place in the lineup we are all beginners once and knowing when it’s your turn to paddle or even basic positioning on boards and the wave will help you progress quicker.


If you are new to surfing Here are some visuals, things to avoid

kook Slam on Instagram  is a great profile to follow this is a Bible of things not to do
We all have an inner kook so embrace the kookyness

want to learn some of the basics here is how to pop up and how to turn you’re two basic skills when learning

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