How To Cut and Fix a SUP Paddle Together

This is a how to guide for how to cut an SBS fixed length paddle fallow the guide step by step or watch the video to create your perfect paddle.

Supplies Needed:

* Hacksaw         * Masking Tape        * Sanding Block         * Medium Grit Sandpaper         Tape Measure        

  * Fine Tip Permanent Marker      * Dust Mask (Optional)       * 5 Minute Epoxy        * Stir Stick     * Mixing Tray


1) To measure paddle length, stand the paddle Upright next to you with the tip of the blade touching the ground.



2) Using a fine tip permanent marker, mark a line on the shaft where you will make the cut.


WARNING: Make sure to compensate for the additional length with the handle installed.

3) Wrap a strip of masking tape around the shaft where you put your mark to prevent splintering while cutting.


4) Using the hacksaw, cut the shaft. Note: Paddle length is a personal preference. We recommend the total paddle length to be approximately 8” to 12” above head level, including the additional length with the handle installed.


* A longer length shaft is recommended for racing and flat water cruising.

* A shorter length shaft is recommended for wave riding.


5). Using the sanding block, sand the end of the shaft flat and smooth out the edge. Remove the masking tape



Handle & Blade Installation

1) Using the mixing tray and stir stick, mix the epoxy thoroughly. And insert heat shrinking loop over paddle shaft


2) Coat the inside of the handle with the epoxy. Repeat this stage with the blade


3) Insert the handle onto the shaft. Line up the flat side of the handle with the outward facing blade while the epoxy is still wet.


4). Line up the flat side of the handle with the outward facing blade while the epoxy is still wet.

 5) Once the handle has dried, drip a bead of epoxy around handle connection to prevent leakage. Wipe off any excess resin


6) Slide heat shrinking loop over blade and shaft connection and apply heat until tight


After this, your paddle should be complete and ready to youse, have fun and see you in the water.

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