SURFER- UK Longboarder (Lewis Stritch)

by | Mar 15, 2019

UK Surfer Longboarder Lewis Stritch give us the run down on what hes been up to.

Our Team riders Lewis Stritch is a local from Bude in Cornwall and has been surfing since the age he could stand Lewis surfs all kind of boards but favours the long board has his true passion and competes in the UK surf Tour against other long boarders. Lewis has has some great success in the past placing in the top 4 in the country and winning some local events. Lewis comes from a long line of Surfers and with his roots in Cornwall he grew up in one of the best places to be a surfer in the UK.

Lewis has some great long term goals of getting on to the longboard European tour and is working hard to achieve that dream working on his fitness health as well as dialling in the equipment he needs to get him there.

This winter we met up with Lewis a few times on his epic winter surf trip, getaway, Lewis surfers a custom made and custom spray big squid model to suit his fast passed surfing and performance needed in bigger waves. we caught up with Lewis in November and scored tome epic waves near his local break that were firing on this particular day.

Lewis comments on the Big Squid

“it goes pretty well in every condition  

“A lot of rocker through out the entire board and nice lift in the tail so you can really jam it in the turns”

“Great on the nose,  super light, one of the lightest longboards i have ever ridden that makes it incredible for all round surf” 

“Good in big waves good in small waves but defiantly better in medium to larger waves” 

“My favourite part of it is the quad set up as it gives it loads of release in smaller waves and a bit more speed and flow through out”

  Lewis Stritch & The Predator 

Lewis also surfs other boards as well with in our range when the waves get right Lewis like to surf our predator model because of it high versatility between small waves and big waves. the round pin tail help Lewis keep the control in turns and keep his line in barrels were as the high volume and the flatter rocker through the middle allows the board to be supper fast in small waves and give him the speed to get past flatter sections because of the higher volume upfront.

 Lewis Stritch & The Spud Stick 

Lewis also has an affection for our spud stick model when the waves get a bit smaller, the spuds stick perfectly fits Lewis more sole-full style and approach to surfing because off hits high volume and wider outline it really keeps the speed generated through the turns. because of the lightness and flex characteristics of the construction the spud stick really makes smaller waves a lot of fun and a great addition to any quiver as a small wave groveller.

Lewis also has a blog were he post his surf adventures and trips as well as pictures and update on what he’s up to

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