What A Vegan Surfer Eats In 1 Day

by | Jan 16, 2019

With the growing movement of veganism in the UK and the rest of the world, we wanted to explore what it means to be a vegan surfer in the UK. as our video above shows one of our team rider JACK and what he eats in a day as a vegan surfer in the UK

Veganism has quite literally skyrocketed over the last few years with more people than ever choosing to enjoy a plant-based lifestyle.

If you were unsure of what it means to be vegan don’t worry we have all you need to know. Choosing to eat vegan means you would not eat or use animal products so no meat, cheese dairy honey or any other parts of an animal that are incorporated in food. Vegans not only avoid animal products but they also avoid any exploitation of animals for any purpose, with compassion for the animals health and well being the key reason most chose to eat vegan. many other vegans also refrain from buying products that have been tested on animals such as makeup, cleaning products and most bathroom items. Vegans would also refrain from buying any clothing or products that have animal body parts in it so, for instance, most gelatine sweets, leather sofas, shoes or belts 

But you’re in luck as a surfer in the UK there has never been an easier time to become vegan and you won’t be alone veganism has taken off in the UK as now almost 3.5 million British people call themselves vegan out of the 66,590,551 British total citizens which equates to around 5% of the Uk population.

Awareness of slaughterhouse practices as well as influential documentaries like what

the health and forks over knives have really shaken peoples core beliefs about food and the benefits of eating a plant-based diet. 

Going vegan doesn’t have to be hard tho with over 22,000 register vegan services and products registered with the vegan trademark it’s so easy to do

As a surfer, you might think about going plant-based not only for the animals but for a whole host of other reasons we looked at in our blog


Reasons like a plant-based diet can be healthier for us and improve our overall physical performance and as a surfer who doesn’t want to surf better and for longer maybe it’s your diet holding you back.

As Surfers that might hit close to home like reducing our carbon footprint on the world as the most up today scientific evidence suggests reducing the impact we have on the environment is essential in the future progressions of the planet most scientists suggest that a change in diet would be more environmentally friendly than most other eco friendly measures like buying an electric car or not using planes and minimising petrol and diesel car usage.

scientists estimate that the production of meat dairy and cheese can be accountable for over 35% of our overall greenhouse emissions,”

Its estimate if animal food production s was to stop and all meat eaters switched to a vegan diet  it would roughly half the overall greenhouse gas emissions currently produced by the planet.

check out some great videos of professional athletes who use a vegan diet to get better performance or check out our TOP6 VEGAN SURFERS ..

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