our SUP Team rider Narcy has been riding with us since our very inception he was one of the first people to try every one of our sups and helped create and refine many of o our designs today. Narcy has been stand up paddle boarding for many years with his entire life devoted to the water and open ocean being a kitesurf and windsurf instructor for many years. paddle-boarding was always a passion for him and since 2012 has been training every day improving his skill enough to compete in the European tour. Narcy has been using our longbow since 2015 and has spent more time on this sup than any other person. he has helped us refine it for the open ocean as well as downwinding and catching waves. it really is the perfect open ocean racer


Narcy made this video above talking about the features he likes on the longbow Race SUP and how that transfers in to performance and particular conditions especially of the island of Fuerteventura   

What Narcy Said About The Longbow


“The rocker of the board allows the board to not stick when riding big or small waves”


“The really thin nose allows you keep a lot of speed when you paddling upwind and doesn’t catch a lot of wind when we have side wind”


“when you rising this wave up to the line up its cutting this wave like a knife”

“Don’t be shy about 24 1/2  and 25” wide with the bottom concaves and the small “V” on the tail You will find all the balance you need.

“The 2 different handles one in the centre and one on the bow allow you to bring this strong and light board were ever you like whether it is walking down to the beach or in a beach race”



The Longbow race sup has been our star performer in the racing world as its one of the only fully carbon race sups that are under half the price of what other companies are putting out. our longbow has been redesigned and improved to give you the most updated version of our ultimate open ocean race we can, don’t believe us feel free to book in for a demo and try for yourself.

1 + 12 =


We designed the Long Bow for advanced to elite level paddlers, as a stand-up paddle race competitor. We know having the right equipment is crucial for your success and having a board that can deal with anything from massive chop to side wind conditions is hugely important.

This board has some incredible features to help it glide through the water, firstly its modified rolled nose and hull help provide lift and get you up to planning speed, its bottom contours feature a concave in the centre opening up into a slight V shape in the tail to help better release and maximize stability when paddling even in the harshest conditions. This will give you all the comfort & stability of paddling a much wider board but without the extra width. The tail width and outline help to provide float and a stable surface to control in turns as well as make rail transfers in downwind sessions or on waves a piece of cake.

If you’re looking for the ideal board for speed in the open ocean, whether it’s flat water speed racing, downwind cruising or riding waves in the surf this board does it all. It’s our pro race board with outstanding features for elite level performance.


  • Carbon fibre construction 

  • Sleek design to accelerate through the water with ease

  • Dropped deck for better stability and cadence

  • High volume to help propel you forward and minimise drag 

  • Race handles positioned perfectly for water entry and exit

  • Open ocean rocker to help catch waves downwind

  • Concaves to help funnel water towards the tail

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