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the swiss army knife

The Multi-tool is a small to medium wave ripper made for fast-paced surfing in less than ideal waves, pretty much what you will find around the UK most of the year.

It’s called the multi took because it’s like a swiss army knife and can be used in a variety of conditions and suitable for beginners to advanced surfers. It’s extremely versatile in any size wave

the design

The Multi-tool has a Tons of pop and speed on the face of small waves combined with the extra volume in the Centre of the board really gives you insane speed and lift making it perfect fun to throw about in small condition.


the SHape

 The incredible speed is assisted by the double concave to “V” in the tail which is then refined out to a squash Dimond to give a great mixture of speed and manoeuvrability. The Multitool has slightly more width and a flatter rocker then conventional shortboards, making it super forgiving and really stable in choppy surf. This combined with the volume and rail profile makes the Multi-tool so easy to ride and perfect for landing airs and blasting the tail.


The outline and the rocker profile make it easy to paddle and catch waves but keeping its ability to turn in critical sections of the waves. The 5 fin setup makes it extremely versatile and adaptable in any size or condition


The Multi-tool is going to be perfect for intermediate to advanced surfers who want to perform big manoeuvres and hacks in the small surf with the forgiveness and paddle speed to making surfing a lot easier and fun in smaller waves.


  • performance 80% 80%
  • paddle power 70% 70%
  • stability 70% 70%
  • control 80% 80%
  • turn 80% 80%
  • speed/drive 70% 70%
  • speed/glide 80% 80%

whats the best size for me?

max rider weight
19 1/4"
2 5/16"
19 5/8"
2 3/8"
19 7/8"
2 1/2"
20 1/4"
2 3/4"
20 5/8"
2 3/4"
ideal wave range
skill level
the FINs

All our surfboards come with a FCSII clip in fins

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7 reviews for Multi Tool

  1. luke

    Small Wave Sled
    Got for some summer waves in France trip ideal for the beaches and slower waves.

  2. rebbert

    Great Service
    Brought a 6’0 for me to use most of the year-round seemed really good price, came really quickly and excellently packaged. Nice board shame I haven’t had the chance to use it yet but waxed up ready to go. Really pleased with the service and the chaps were very helpful when inquiring about what size they thought would suit me easy to deal with. Thanks, guys

  3. dan

    Nice Board
    nice board arrived quick good price

  4. brandon

    Best Board I Have Ever Surfed
    I’m not claiming to be the best surf in the world, maybe average at best but when I got this thing just wow. Speed, power, flow and the weight unreal 🙂 Incredible board I feel like it’s massively going to take my surfing to the next level great job guys keep them coming.

  5. alex

    Great Small Wave Board
    She’s a beauty in the small surf gets pumping in small waves and really fast down the line nice amount of release in the tail and feels good in the air. Makes my dawny sessions a lot of fun

  6. william

    A Good Board
    A pretty decent board like the outline good finish but for me needed a little more volume to float me better over flatter sections in smaller waves. possibly a bigger size

  7. greg

    Nice Board Nice Gusy
    Brought the board online after speaking to Sam, the board goes really well in summer slop, especially at my local spot. loads of foam for me and gets up to speed on the face of a wave really quick. Good flex and rebound in turns feel responsive enough to get a nice spray. Definitely, recommend for average surfers

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