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Hi, my name is Emily Wells, I’m 16 years old and I am a long boarder from Bude, Cornwall. I currently hold the English title for under 18 girls longboard. I started long boarding in September of 2017 when I had a go on my Dads longboard. I then started to compete at the beginning of 2018. Since then I’ve been loving it and the Big Squid, even more! 
This year I started a job at Bude Surfing Experience which has been awesome because I get to surf lunch breaks in surf that I would normally just give a miss, meaning that I’m improving everyday! 
I’ve always been on the beach and in the sea ever since I can remember but I only really started to get into surfing when I joined Bude Waveriders Club, a non profit surf club. I really looked forward to Friday nights then, when I got to go surfing with my friends at Waveriders. I then got into long boarding when I was 15 after riding a mini mal for a few years.
What durfing means to me?
I love surfing because I get to do something I love whilst being with my friends.   

I was born in Cornwall and I pretty much grew up on the beach. I used to splash about in the sea with my friends and family when I was younger but always wanted to surf I then started surfing when I was 8.

Favourite waves ?
Waves with long wave periods as time on the wave is essential when in competition.

What is your home break ?

Summerleaze Beach 
if you could surf any spot for the rest of your life what would it be ?
There are so many spots I want to travel to and surf, it would be hard to choose. I really want to surf Noosa in Australia.


What board you ride and why ?
I ride the Big Squid. I think everyone has their own preference and style when it comes to surfboards, the Big Squid is just perfect for everyone. I’ve never surfed a board like it, it works in all surf, big or small: you can throw it around like a shortboard due to its light weight epoxy build and you can also nose ride it like an old school log! 


Hey Just thought I would comment on the board as just got it via UPS on a 2-day delivery before my surf trip, I was a little worried about the board getting damaged but really well wrapped and protected. I phoned up to ask about delivery and the guys were really helpful and pretty impressed with the incredible service. Opened it up and its a thing of beauty love the colours and the design, I haven’t surfed it yet but can’t wait to get it in the water. Awesome service and really appreciate the free t-shirt, great experience highly recommended.


iv tried friends longboards to nose ride never really got the hang of it but it seems to be natural on this board love it great board guys will be back for a shortboard no doubt


iv surfed longboards for years, this is my new go-to for bigger surf manoeuvrable and amazing thanks, guys x advising me on the phone what might be best for me


iv used foam boards and this is the best surfboard I could have got fast and easy for me to learn on


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