Top 10 Reasons You Can’t Improve Your Surfing

10 reasons you can improve yor surfing

Top 10 Reasons You can’t Improve your surfing

Surfing can be a challenge for a life time, most enjoy just casual surf now and again and others are on a mission to becoming better. Some times in surfing you might find that no matter what you do you always seem to be at the same level. the following is 10 reasons that might maybe hurting your surf progression

1 You don’t surf enough

Yep its that age old question that has come to mind for surfers further inland finding time to go surfing fitting it in around a job and the pull of other social and economic factors I can be tough to get surfing or the waves aren’t right and the excuse begin to come and before your know it you have been in the water weeks months years, this will of course directly affect your time on the water and your ability to practice. If you want to improve the number one thing you need to do is get in and get surfing

2 You lost the love

Surfing can be a roller-coaster of emotions from traveling to finding waves as well to heavy wipe-out or bad experience or just surfing through cold winters in mushy windy waves. if you’re not motivated to get in and get surfing its going to drastically affect your progression

 3 You’re out of shape

Its been a while since your last surf and all those pizzas and MacDonald have piled up and you’re feeling the regret now as you paddle out keeping fit and in shape specifically surf fit is key to having fun in the water and of course catching more waves. If you struggling to paddle out catch waves or balance on your board it’s going to be difficult to improve without a change to your fitness. By keeping generally fit and focusing on balance paddling and core exercises you will be able to motor around in the water without your fitness holding your back giving you a higher wave count and the energy you need to try something new

 4 Your not Wipe-ing out enough

Yep you go it. You go to fall in more to get better!!!!.When surfing it can sometime be daunting to try new things or go for a more critical turn or a new manoeuvre, most surfers like to maximize their wave time and stick to what they know and become comfortable with their ability. But it’s trying something new that will inevitable lead to improvement and progression the best surfers in the world fall in a lot because they are always pushing themselves and pushing their level of what they can do. Drawing hard/ tighter/ and faster turns, Surfing new sport and bigger and more difficult waves whilst trying new maneuvers, will mean a lot of falling in but you will defiantly be improving.

5 You’re N not travelling

Traveling to new locations will broaden your range in surfing ability to be able to adapt to look at new spots and see the best waves looking at sections whilst also giving you variety in what the waves offer, having a full repertoire what you can do on waves from indo barrels to French shore breaks to UK windy beach breaks. Travelling will push you in every possible way ­ whilst getting you confidence in waves resulting in improvements.

6 You Got the wrong board

Equipment in surfing is an ever-changing game that can be hard to navigate, having the right board for the Right waves can be a minefield of dos and don’ts, a never ending quest to find that perfect board. a lot of people will stick to what they know or a second hand board they think is good for them getting the right board under feet can change everything from paddling, catching waves getting through waves to stability on the wave and how responsive your turns are  the key is to find a board that matches your level and the current surf conditions, this can be difficult without having a hinge quiver of boards but finding a board that will work for you in most condition can be done. Fist find out your volume for surfboards and then experiment with length and thickness to find something that feels comfortable use the SBS surfboard volume calculator to help.

7 Your style technique is holding your back

You think all your turns are huge hacks and every movement you do you look like a pro but in reality our excitement sometimes trick us as our or turns and body position is no function and you techniques is the thing holding us back. If you want to really improve it’s a good idea to use a video came to record your session and review it in detail although can be tough looking back at your waves were you through you ripped and were double overhead, in reality were waist high with barely a hint of spray. Its key to understand you flaws and will help you identify and correct the weaknesses a lot quicker.

8 You CAN’T touch your toes

Flexibility in surfing and in life is a huge component to being healthy and function in everyday life, if your restricted paddling or your stiff on a wave it can show with the range of movements and positions fo can get in , good surfers classically have been associated with yoga and good flexibility as they need to recover and move in to difficult positions in waves keeping your self flexible will allow you full range of muscle contractions and movements helping in every aspect of your performance especially turns so get stretching

9 You don’t know what comes next

It happens a lot and surfer get to a level , they are unsure of what comes next or how to get that next manoeuvre or at in that next level of surfing, having the knowledge of what to do next will make a huge difference in the water. A great way to learn is to watch how to guides by step the movement this will help you to understand the right movement. As well get an experienced friend or coach that can see where you’re going wrong and give you guidance on what’s next for you

you don’t practice Functional movements

It may sound weird but trying to learn a new trick is a lot more than just getting out there and giving it a go struggling with a move can be difficult especial with lack of waves the reason people who surf more and practice more usually are better is because they build up specific functional motor movement patterns (a set of command the brain tells the body to do) the more you surf the faster and quicker you muscles and brain can do it and the more fluent the movement becomes until you don’t even think about it. A great tip for improving this is to visualize the movement in your head whilst performing the physical movement on land. It sound a bit far out, but visualization has helped many pro athlete’s over the years so no harm in trying.


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