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the fun fish

The Fish Finger Is The latest slice of fun in our SBS range and its one of the smoothest fun surfboards we have ever made. The inspiration for this board derived from some incredible retro fish designs we had 10 years back and we wanted to make something just as fun with a more performance element to it perfect for sandbars and beach breaks.

the design

The Fish Finger has a pretty traditional fish outline with its wide point right up front to make catching waves and paddling super easy its then pulled back into a smaller fish tail than most traditional fishes to help with turn quicker and create smoother carves. It’s got a pretty flat rocker compared to most board we make with only a small amount of nose lift which helps this board to rocket down the line in smaller waves.

the SHape

The main feature of the fish finger is its iconic channel down the centre of the board leaving you with 2 chunkier raised rails helping to channel water towards the tail to generate speed and drive down the line.We would recommend for more skilled surfers they you get a few inches shorter than your traditional shortboard, this should help keep the incredible speed and drive created form the board and still give you that high performance feel when you release in turns.

The outline and the rocker profile make it easy to paddle and catch waves but keeping its ability to turn in critical sections of the waves. The 5 fin setup makes it extremely versatile and adaptable in any size or condition


The fish finger is ideally placed in between your small wave groveler and your performance shortboard for knee Hight to overhead sized surf.


  • performance 50% 50%
  • paddle power 80% 80%
  • stability 80% 80%
  • control 70% 70%
  • turn 90% 90%
  • speed/drive 60% 60%
  • speed/glide 90% 90%

whats the best size for me?

max rider weight
20 3/8"
2 1/4"
20 1/2"
2 5/16"
20 5/8"
2 3/8"
2 1/2"
22 1/2"
2 7/16"

ideal wave range

skill level

the FINs

Our Fish Finger surfboards come with future fins

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2 reviews for Fish Finger Rapid Flex

  1. andrea

    Great Fish
    Surfed in 3 times so far and what can I say accept this thing is a rocket… catches everything especially in the smaller surf it just goes and you don’t even have to work it hard, really stable land pretty much every turn or mini air.

    Really fun and playful and can get really lose in the tail which I like since I have surfed a few fishes but this one definitely has the pop and speed compared to the others.

    I probably won’t surf it in bigger waves but for me its a really good fun playful board for smaller surf.

    cheers boys for the free T-shirt.


  2. damien

    Lucky Me
    Think I was the first on the first one to get this board or so they tell me, put my deposit down for it and waited a few weeks and then I was in stock and I couldn’t wait to get it wet. Came in the post wrapped in that new kind of hexagonal cardboard stuff which looked cool and said I could use for the future surf trip to protect the board so that was pretty cool. straight out of the box this is one of the whitest surfboards I have ever had or seen, don’t know what they did to it but it’s really white.

    I like the faded rails as well they really nice touch and some kind of different fibreglass on the deck but all looks cool. The concave on the bottom are really deep and I’m sure they will make this board go really fast but haven’t had a chance to test it yet. All around nice guys kept me update on my pre-order and checked in a free t-shirt and proper future fins which really handy as I haven’t got any yet.

    Thanks, boys

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