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The Detonator is our ultimate performance shortboard, designed for fast-paced and progressive surfing. Without a doubt our ultimate all-around high-performance shortboard. Its 5 fin set up offers maximum drive and work on the bottom turns but still holds strong with supreme grip in big carves and hacks off the lip.

the design

The outline is made for fast, snappy, off the lip surfing and features a slightly pulled in tail, giving you tons of grip and drive through the turns, whist’s Its medium entry rocker to flatter centre rocker adds speed and drive though weaker sections. The Bandit has a generous amount of kick in the tail rocker keeping the rail to rail transitions fast and smooth allowing you to really jam those turns to create some spray.

the SHape

The placement of volume on this board is crucial in creating its speed and pop whilst on the open face. We gave it a little more foam upfront, under your chest to help with paddling and creating speed on a wave. This means when you get it under your feet you will feel it explode with speed from the get-go, Launching you into the turns, allowing for a huge amount of release and spray off the lip, and incredible amounts of drive when you get it on rail.

 It’s got Medium rails that offer a great combination of High-performance surfing and forgiveness in the turns. It also has a very subtle hip that allows it to feel sensitive under the back foot, making it easy to redirect and The New Bandit now has a flattened out deck to help re-position the volume for a more lively feel in smaller waves helping to give you speed.


  • performance 90% 90%
  • paddle power 80% 80%
  • stability 80% 80%
  • control 90% 90%
  • turn 100% 100%
  • speed/drive 100% 100%
  • speed/glide 80% 80%
max rider weight
18 1/2"
2 1/4"
18 5/4"
2 6/16"
19 1/2"
2 1/2"

ideal wave range

skill level

the FINs

All our surfboards come with a FCSII clip in fins

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4 reviews for Bandit Full Flex

  1. dillan

    Cracking Board
    The board arrived Next day which was amazing and super stoked on the feel great construction and look. Great service and thanks for the Free t-shirt cant wait to get it in the water.

  2. luke

    Great Board
    Nice poxy board great as my summer performance go to. Enough rocker to get a solid bottom turn, Really light very twitchy and agile so can really get vertical in the lip and react quickly to sections. Overall nice shape and construction, but I have yet to test in bigger surf but feels like it would do well.

  3. connor

    ++ Absolute Blinder++
    Absolutely Amazing service brought in the morning and because I’m local they brought it over to me in the afternoon top guys. Love the bandit goes so good in waist to head high got it in a 5’11 for me as I’m about 67 kg and got enough float to get me planning in the smaller surf. Brought mainly for a surf trip to France so should go pretty good in the French beaches. cheers SBSboys.

  4. andy

    Smokin Bandit
    Took the board to Sri Lanka and scored 3 days overhead at Hikkaduwa and. I can honestly say the board was everything you guys said it would be! speed down the line with the ability to hit the lip hard and I love the slightly flat deck.

    Also took some heavy wipeouts, pleased to report the board stood the strain with no pressure dings and no yellowing in the sun.

    If you are thinking about one, get on with it!

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