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The Heart Breaker is our rock-n-roll board for surfers who like to get crazy and a little wild. It’s a modern high-end performance shortboard that ticks all the boxes. If you’re looking to blow the tail, or go get some air time, this board is it. Designed specifically to help surfers feel in-tune with the wave, this board will feel like it’s stuck to your feet and will turn at a moment’s notice. Its single to double concave combined with a medium rocker and tail template gives this board the perfect combination of high performance and ease of use. The Heart Breaker provides plenty of speed and drives in your turns but with just the right amount of release in the tail to let you have a little fun.


Such a quick delivery got just in time for a big swell, no warm-up time needed it felt very natural under my feet I have surfed many boards and there is always a little something id like to change this board, on the other hand, was like it was made for me. truly incredible board 7 surfs in and im stoked. Thanks Guys& Thanks for the T-shirt and Stickers


I wanted a board I could use for traveling I was going to good locations with good swells and I wanted to milk every amazing wave I could, I went for the heartbreaker after trying a friends 6’0 a super responsive board and I knew then and there it was the one for me, after 3 months of traveling with this board I can assure anyone looking for a beach break/reef/slab anything really it is the best board I have ever owned. also Sam thanks for all your help and advice about the boards. Anyone looking to buy this board you will NOT BE disappointed. A+




It’s called the multi took because it’s like a swiss army knife and can be used in a variety of conditions and suitable for beginners to advanced surfers. It’s extremely versatile in any size wave

The Multi-tool has a Tons of pop and speed on the face of small waves combined with the extra volume in the Centre of the board really gives you insane speed and lift making it perfect fun to throw about in small condition.

Its modern foil and rail profiles help give this board that real high performance feels in bigger waves without sacrificing planning speed in smaller less powerful waves. It has a pronounced concave combined with a medium nose and tail rocker making this an ideal board for intermediate to advanced surfers looking for a board with an instant response that works great in the pocket. The rocker combined with the concave allows it to generate high-speed on the critical sections of the wave, whilst also letting you perform quick turns and amazingly short arcs within seconds. The rail profiles allow for extreme manoeuvrability throughout turns whilst maintaining maximum control.