SBS Boards are a surfboard and sup shaping and design company that shape & manufacture surfboards & sups as well as other surf related products in three countries – UK, Germany, and Bali. All our SBS Boards meet the same high standards regardless of location and are subject to strict quality control on all products. SBS Bboards use a variation of manufacturing processes from custom hand crafted boards to high precision computer aided designed (CAD) boards.

All SBS Boards are made using the very best materials on the market today. Every board is meticulously inspected and hand finished ensuring the highest quality throughout the manufacturing process. Our raw materials are sourced from around the world, from class leading manufacturers ensuring the highest quality from every corner of the globe, places like Australia, Japan, USA Germany and the UK.


All of our surfboards and sup models have been carefully hand shaped by our in-house research and development team who are constantly creating & designing to endlessly try and improve our board range. Developments of new materials allow us to continually rethink and re-design the construction and shapes of our boards. As well as constant testing and feedback from our Team Riders who really put our boards through their paces, this helps us to strive in our endeavours to create the very best surfboards & SUPs that work for most surfers of any skill level around the world.


Our Main goal at SBS Boards is to dedicate ourselves to creating great performance and quality throughout all of our boards with the up-most and highest quality whilst also delivering our boards at the most affordable prices for all surfers”

Ben & Sam Snell

SBS Boards “Designed with precision surfed with passion”


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