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The New and improved Motivator is better than ever and still our most popular selling board and for good reason. No matter what Day or what conditions, you can almost guarantee the motivator going to be perfect for the job. Designed for beginner to advance surfers as an everyday board for almost any wave conditions we get in the UK. Its design allows catching waves and paddling to become easy and effortless due to its wider nose, fuller rails and additional volume through the deck. This gives you great speed and momentum, whilst still giving you enough control and sensitivity to perform in bigger surf. Its lightweight construction gives it a speedy yet responsive characteristic providing a level of forgiveness in critical manoeuvres. Its Low entry rocker along with single concave allows the board to really fly through the flatter sections of a wave whilst maintaining masses of manoeuvrability in the pocket and smaller surf.   The Motivator has areas of hidden volume combined with a slightly wide thinner squash tail creating great stability, making it an ideal small to medium wave board that still performs well in the bigger surf. The Motivator is a great everyday shortboard that catches waves and paddles super easy, with enough speed to make average conditions fun.

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2018 Motivator Wood
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 7 reviews
by Eleanor on 2018 Motivator Wood
Excellent build

I’ve been looking at getting a motivator and found one , great lightweight feel, plenty of volume and I like the single concave through the board as it’ll catch most waves just like my current 6’10

by Jordan on 2018 Motivator Wood
My Go To Board

Had the SBS version 1 motivator a while back was a good board but when they brought the new one out I loved the look and the old board was so much fun decided to buy it again and this one is even better. Really light and strong I have bailed a few times and fallen on it a few time since I had it and not even a compression or mark really solid. I think they changed the tail to make it easier to turn which I like, looks good in the water and the simple but classic thruster never goes wrong 10/10 boys ill be back in 2 years maybe for a new one.

by Kevin on 2018 Motivator Wood
Motivates Me Every Time

I must say I Love this board. I have had it for about 3 months now and loving every surf on it. Got some sound advice from their board calculator that said I needed a 6'2 for small to medium waves "which I mostly surf" I'm about 12 & 1/2 stone and 42 years old surf around 3-4 times a month. I thought might be too small as I'm used to 6'6 or 6'10 but have to say quite easy to paddle and the speed feels really quick on a wave. I mostly travel and surf in Croyd Saunton or Bude area so relay nice on longer more mellow waves ideal for me. Fits in the car easy and still looking as new as the day I got it. A great board would recommend.

by Hannah on 2018 Motivator Wood
First Shortboard

My First Shortboard super stable and easy to paddle. very responsive can turn a bit too fast for me.

by Jeff on 2018 Motivator Wood
love this board

Great boards love them I got 3

by Jason on 2018 Motivator Wood
So Fast!!!

Love this board So much fun for the south coast

by Josh on 2018 Motivator Wood
Great Work Horse

Great everyday board for a 40 year old surfer, Loads of float and easy to paddle, solid price

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