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tuned performace

intermediates looking for a SUP for the waves. This board offers the best combination of speed, stability and wave performance in one board. The Big Rocket is exactly that a great all round board great for any supping activity whether it be flat water paddling in the lakes or sea or hitting the surf in the open ocean

the SHape

If you wanted to take to the surf, this board is a perfect starting point with its smooth longboard contours, finely-tuned rocker outline and decreased volume in the nose and tail makes it an extremely responsive board without sacrificing stability.

The Big Rocket is perfect for hitting the waves with its specifically designed concave and tail template. The concave gets you up plaining quicker this allows for faster paddling and an easy takeoff, whilst the tail gives a great connection to the wave through rail transitions allowing effortless glide and control over the wave.

The tail width and outline help to provide float and a stable surface to control in turns as well as make rail transfers in downwind sessions or on waves a piece of cake.


  • performance 60% 60%
  • paddle power 60% 60%
  • stability 80% 80%
  • control 80% 80%
  • turn 80% 80%
  • speed/drive 70% 70%
  • speed/glide 70% 70%

ideal wave range

skill level

The Ocean Outlaws construction has been made from super durable materials and impact resistant reinforcement around the nose, tail, rails and deck ensuring that even when this board got a few knocks it remains structurally sounds.

the FINs

All our Ocean Outlaw SUPS come with a large single fin and 4 side fins ideal for surf or flatwater

the paddle

paddle details

  • Total weight – Only 520g
  • Blade size – 17.7″x8.7″
  • blade angle – 8*
  • Total Length before cut – 222cm/87in

price with package £80

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