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small waves = big fun

The spud stick is our answer to the small wave conundrum. Summer day’s weaker messy surf the spud stick will fly in anything, it’s designed to catch everything and anything that’s moving. It’s going to make any small surf day super fun and super rippable. It has a low entry rocker allowing it to plane quickly and pick up speed whilst also making paddling super easy.

the design

Really ideal for beginners looking to shortboard or the heavier surfer looking for a little more float and FUN, This board is a must for anyone who loves fast-paced performance surfing.

Best surfed in ankle to head high surf and can be surfed as a quad or thruster.

the SHape

This board has more lift in the tail rocker to allow for hard tight turns without losing speed. The boards wider outline combined with a double concave helps to provide lift in the centre, meaning it’s going to be really fast in small waves but when you get it on edge it’s going to turn just like a normal shortboard.
The wider template also means that this board can be surfed by almost any rider, because of the high volume and performance features it could be surfed by a beginner in One-foot waves, or an advanced surfer in anything up to shoulder height


  • performance 70% 70%
  • paddle power 90% 90%
  • stability 90% 90%
  • control 60% 60%
  • turn 60% 60%
  • speed/drive 80% 80%
  • speed/glide 80% 80%

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the FINs

All our surfboards come with a FCSII clip in fins

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5 reviews for Spud Stick

  1. Ian Jewitt

    OMG what a little wave catching machine. Super easy to surf. No problem in all kinds of slop. Iv tried so many different boards for small surf to replace the longboard and now iv finally found it. Instant fun. Thank you

  2. Dan

    Simply Superb !!!
    Purchased two of these for my daughters. Excellent service from start to finish. SBS were 1st Class in assisting product selection right through to after sales care.
    I cannot recommend them enough

  3. jordy

    iv been using big beginner boards for a little while and this was the board best from me after much helpful advice from the SBS guys i love this board iv been out 2 times and both were such a blast a caught lots of waves and loving the board, thanks guys

  4. roaman

    Wetter Is Better
    🙂 the most fun iv had in small waves for a long time great board and service got the board in 2 days and got a load of free goodies, package was a great deal. I really have nothing bad to say. Amazing Board

  5. jole

    Top Surfboard
    the board was packed well im always wary of boards getting damaged in the post, super safe packaging and lots of freebies thanks, guys, the board itself is a beauty so White it’s almost glowing. waxed up and ready to go, Thanks guys for all your advice and help in choosing the right board

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